Top 20 Alexa Commands You Want to Know Before

Alexa is the dominant champion in the world of smart speakers and virtual assistants. Approximately 70% of all smart speaker owners own Amazon Echo devices, and the number is projected to increase as Alexa-compatible devices are released.

Why is Alexa so popular? Compared to virtual assistants like Google and Siri, Alexa works with far more gadgets, has far more commands, and Amazon Echos is pretty cheap. Tap or click here to compare the most popular smart speakers.

If you have an Alexa-enabled device at home, you’re probably familiar with the basics. But Alexa has more capabilities than you would expect. Here are 20 useful, clever, interesting and amazing commands that you may not have used yet. I can thank you later.

1. “Alexa, phone [contact]Or “Alexa, phone [number].. “

Alexa recognizes your name and voice number and can make calls. To make this work, first register your contacts in the Alexa app. Open the app on your smartphone and follow these steps:

  1. Tap Communicate..
  2. Tap contact information icon.
  3. please choose menu Icon, and Add contact..
  4. Type a given names And phone number, Then select save..

Once your contacts are registered, ask Alexa to call you.

Caution: There are certain numbers that Alexa cannot call. This includes 911, toll-free numbers, or international numbers other than the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

2. “Alexa moves today’s 9am meeting to 4pm” or “Alexa cancels the 10am call”.

Alexa excels at recognizing time and commands. If you sync your calendar, she can act as your personal assistant.

Here’s how to sync your calendar from iCloud, Outlook, Google, and other services.

  1. Open the Alexa app and go to the settings menu.
  2. Choice Setting..
  3. Choice Calendar and email..
  4. Select an account provider and Connect your account..
  5. Follow the onscreen instructions to sync your calendar. Repeat these steps for each calendar you add.

Alexa can now notify you about upcoming meetings and move, cancel, and schedule meetings.

3. “Alexa, drop in to all devices.”

Remember the clunky old intercom system in a big house? Alexa can be used as a modern equivalent.

To use it, say “Alexa, drop in to all devices” to reach all Alexa-enabled speakers, or “Alexa, drop in.” [device name]Target only one. Then wait for the confirmation tone before talking.

This feature used to work on only one Echo, but thanks to a recent update, it’s easy to open channels to all connected speakers. If you haven’t installed the update yet, tap or click here to find out how to get the update.

The whole family can have dinner without leaving the kitchen. handy!

4. “Alexa, remember …”

Like the iPhone Reminder app, Alexa can remember specific dates and events. Say “Alexa, remember …” and then say whatever you want her to track down.

For example, “Alexa, remember that you have a doctor’s appointment at 9am on Wednesday morning” or “Alexa, remember that you put a check on the bedside table.”

5. “Alexa, set volume to [number between 1 and 10]”

There’s a volume button on the top of the echo speaker to adjust the audio level, but you don’t have to stand up and walk to the speaker to change it. Instead, you can tell Alexa at what volume level you want it to play.

Experiment with different levels to see which one you like best. You can also ask Alexa “Set volume to 11” The volume is fully maximized. It’s a sneaky reference to a classic movie. Can you guess?

6. “Alexa, what’s the extension forecast?”

Alexa can check the weather, but if you want a more detailed preview of the next week, this command will display an extended forecast for the next 7 days.

7. “Alexa, tell us about the movie Top 20 Alexa commands you’ll wish you knew before.. “

Alexa is a great resource for trivia quizzes and pop culture. Ask her about a particular movie and briefly explain the movie’s director, leading actor, and synopsis. She even tells you how to rate IMDb.

8. “Alexa to play [character] To [movie or show]?? “

Speaking of movies and TV shows, you can also ask Alexa to identify the actor in the movie you’re watching. Be clear about the character’s name and the title of the show or movie.

9. “Alexa, who sings this song?” Or “When did this song come out?”

You can use this command to ask Alexa to identify the song that is currently playing from your speaker. This is useful if you want to create an unfamiliar playlist or listen to a new artist.

To enable this feature “turn on Song ID. “ If you don’t want to use the feature, you can ask her to disable it by saying: “Please turn off the song ID.”

10. “Alexa, conversion [measurement] Or “Alexa, calculate [math problem]”

If you’re cooking more than usual during a pandemic, Alexa is a great kitchen resource. She can convert measurements with simple voice commands. But beyond the culinary world, Alexa can solve complex math problems in seconds.

11. “Alexa, which wine goes well [food]?? “

Once the dinner is ready, it’s time to find the perfect wine to combine with it. Alexa can help.Just activate this Wine pairing skills From the Alexa Skill Shop, you can go for a sumptuous dinner at home.

12. “Alexa, play [radio station].. “

Alexa can also play your favorite radio stations with voice commands. This is useful when many of us don’t commute every day. You need to make sure you know the name of the requesting station, such as NPR or KROQLA.

13. “Alexa, Wikipedia [topic].. “

If you’re the type who likes to resolve discussions on the fly, this command is for you. Simply ask Alexa for the topic you want to discuss with Wikipedia, and she will read a loud preview of the entire article.

Want more privacy? Find out how to tell Alexa to delete your statement by tapping or clicking here.

14. “Alexa, spelling [word].. Or “Alexa, define [word].. “

If you stick to spelling and grammar, this command is another great argument-solving tool. Alexa gets all this information from Webster’s dictionary, so you don’t have to.

15. “Alexa, tell a joke”

This is oldies, but goodies. Alexa is not only convenient, but also interesting. Most of her sound bites are puns and dad jokes, but there are some really hilarious ones. Try these:

  • “Alexa, how much do you weigh?”
  • “Alexa, find Chuck Norris”
  • “Alexa, do you know Muffinman?”

16. Please quote from “Alexa,” [movie].. “

If you want to know how Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator sounds in Alexa’s voice, you can ask her for a quote from “Terminator 2” or another movie. When I hear her say, “See you in hell, baby,” it never gets old.

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17. “Alexa, how many days [date or holiday]?? “

This is similar to Alexa’s computing power, but with more practical everyday usage. Now when your kids ask how far Christmas is, you can give them the right answer. Even better, they can ask Alexa and exclude you from it.

18. “Alexa, drop the beat.”

And for the ambitious rapper out there, Alexa can generate a synthetic song for you to spit out some bars. The beat is amazingly catchy.

19. “Alexa, what’s the value of a pie?”

This is one of the most annoying things you can ask Alexa, but she’s doing its job well. Alexa reads pi values ​​up to 100 digits. This is amazing and a little scary to hear.

20. “Alexa, what do you think of Siri?”

A little friendly rivalry doesn’t hurt anyone, but Alexa is totally brutal here. Just ask what she thinks about Siri and you’ll get a backhand response that you might not expect. Top 20 Alexa Commands You Want to Know Before

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