Top 10 Powerful Data Modeling Tools You Should Know in 2022

Data modeling How to model the data stored in the database. Defines data objects and the rules and associations between them. There are many data modeling tools that can help you create a database structure from a diagram, which makes it easy to create the perfect one. data structure. Below is a list of the top 10 powerful data modeling tools you need to know in 2022. This includes both free software and commercial software.

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Top 10 powerful data modeling tools

1.1. ER / Studio

ER / Studio is Idera’s powerful data modeling tool that allows you to efficiently catalog your current data assets and sources across different platforms. You can also build and share data models and track end-to-end data lines. With ER / Studio, organizations can quickly understand data, processes, and interactions with people.

Main features of ER / Studio:

  • Supports both logical design and physical design
  • Ensure model and database consistency
  • Enables scripting and automation
  • Perform impact analysis of new changes at the database level
  • HTML, PNG, JPEG, RTF, XML, Schema, and DTD are all supported display formats.

2.2. Irwin Data Modeler

Erwin is another popular data modeling tool that allows you to create logical, physical, and conceptual data models. It is considered one of the best tools to help you create a real database from a physical model. It is also known for its low cost yet robust business solutions.

Main features of Erwin Data Modeler:

  • Allows business and technical users to collaborate, maintain, and simulate models from a central location
  • Automatically compare model and database
  • You can pull data from CRM, ERP, and other sources for effective modeling
  • Synchronize forward engineering and reverse engineering of data definition code
  • Has an easy-to-use graphical interface

3.3. DbSchema Pro

DbSchema Pro is a powerful database design and graphical user interface tool for schema documents. You can also share and deploy schemas relationally and relationally. NoSQL database.

Key features of DbSchema Pro:

  • Independent of conceptual and logical design
  • You can create queries using different orders, groups, filters, and joins
  • Generate test data using an inverse regular expression and the specified pattern
  • You can use foreign keys to view and modify data in different tables

4.4. Archi

Archi is a popular data modeling tool among enterprise architects. It is a cost-effective solution for analyzing, explaining, and visualizing database architectures in different business sectors. This is an open source cross-platform tool that can be extended using plugins.

Key features of Archi:

  • Provides a dynamic view to change the ArchiMate perspective at any time
  • Provides a hint view for quick access to element information
  • Shows all connections between the selected model element and other model components in a radial tree visual
  • Can create and customize canvas

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5.5. SQL database modeler

SQL You can use Database Modeler to build a SQL database that can import and build SQL scripts. With MSSQL Server MySQL You can collaborate with groups from anywhere. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to create and modify tables.

Key features of SQL Database Modeler:

  • Includes various display modes
  • Enables both forward engineering and reverse engineering
  • Allows you to convert your project from MSSQL Server to MySQL and vice versa.
  • Allow users to collaborate on projects
  • There is a version control feature that will generate a new version of the project each time you save the project.You can roll back and view any version anytime, anywhere
  • You can share the project and its version

6.6. Lucidchart

Lucidchart is a collaborative online data modeling tool for creating database diagrams. No need to download bulky software. It’s cloud-based and updates happen instantly. There is also a Lucidchart app for Android and iOS, compatible with all three major operating systems and can be used on any mobile device.

Lucid’s main features:

  • Includes many sophisticated features
  • Provides suitable choices for architectural schematics
  • MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, And many more
  • Easy to navigate the interface with many information assets

7. PgModeler

PgModeler is an open source data modeling tool that gives developers widespread access to source code. It has a lightweight interface developed for the PostgreSQL database system.

Main features of PgModeler:

  • Automatically generated columns and limits
  • Supports XML files
  • You can create a model using an existing database
  • If the event fails, all previous work will be restored

8.8. IBM InfoSphere Data Architect

IBM InfoSphere Data Architect is one of the best data modeling tools that can simplify and accelerate your business intelligence data integration design. Services, applications, Data architectureAnd the process of the organization.

Key features of IBM InfoSphere Data Architect:

  • Provides fast and easy development
  • Helps you understand your data assets, improve efficiency, and reduce time to market
  • Automatically detect the structure of heterogeneous data sources
  • Enables integration with related products such as data studios

9.9. DTM data modeler

DTM Data Modeler is designed for database developers and supports both forward and reverse engineering. Useful for working with logical and physical data models.

Main functions of DTM data modeler:

  • Provides known entity-relationship modeling notation
  • Supports IDAPI, ODBC, Oracle, or OLEDB interfaces
  • Supports DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server databases
  • There are editors for stored procedures, triggers, and indexes

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10.10. MagicDraw

Magic Draw is the first comprehensive data modeling tool for professional modeling. It is used for high demand databases that require the latest design and clear layout.

Main features of MagicDraw:

  • Once purchased, it can be run in a variety of applications
  • Offers floating licenses to help you save more if you have multiple developers who need to use MagicDraw
  • Always add new features based on user feedback
  • Provides 24-hour free support

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