TNW Conference 2023 Announcement: Reclaiming the Future

When the TNW Conference first took place in 2006, digital disruption was still in its early stages. The conference served as a platform for forward-thinking thinkers to explore what a technology-enabled future might look like and ultimately look like.

Technology has changed everything today. And yet, somehow, the future felt more promising than it does now.

As one of Europe’s premier tech events and media brands, we are keenly aware of the power and responsibility that comes with being able to reach millions of people and promote impactful messages. And I believe this period is perhaps more important than ever in his 17-year history of the TNW Conference.

In the turmoil of the past few years, we have chosen not to evolve the event’s annual theme. We focused on introducing as Its fundamental aspects will never change, but in 2023 it’s time for us to be bold again.

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Therefore, if TNW is the center of technology, it must become a gathering place for passionate individuals who create, invest in, or use technology for a better future. Even better, it’s a space that’s inclusive, engaging, and fun.

It’s been 17 years without a word, but TNW Conference is where the future can be reclaimed. This year, it is the main theme of the event.

This summer, let’s go back to those days when we were excited about the future. A time when technology meant hope, innovation and limitless possibilities. Instead of the overarching techno-optimism of the 2000s, the responsible and balanced approach of the 2020s leaves a mental space to be inspired, curious and empowered.

Join us in Amsterdam Join us June 15-16, 2023 to rediscover the excitement and promise of technology and shape a brighter tomorrow together. see you.

https://thenextweb.com/news/announcing-tnw-conference-2023-reclaim-the-future TNW Conference 2023 Announcement: Reclaiming the Future

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