TikTok is testing more minigames, including Aim Lab’s

TikTok is conducting more extensive testing of its games on its all-conquering app.[リンクを追加]tap the button[ミニゲーム]Added a way to add one of the 9 minigames to your video by selecting an option. When viewers find a video that links to your game, they can tap the link next to the creator’s username to start playing.

“We are currently looking into bringing HTML5 games to TikTok through integrations with third-party game developers and studios,” said a TikTok spokesperson. TechCrunchOne of the games is from Aim Lab, makers of the popular aim training app of the same name.That TikTok game is called Mr. Aimlab’s nightmare. Other TikTok partners participating in the initiative include developers Voodoo, Nitro Games, FRVR, and Lotum.

There are no games with ads or in-app purchases at this time and the project is in the early stages of testing. TikTok looks at how creators create content (or if they don’t) and how users interact with games.As The Barge Users can record their gameplay and share it in new videos.

Reports in recent months indicated that TikTok was gearing up for a full-scale foray into gaming. His parent company, ByteDance, acquired game developer Moonton Technology last year. TikTok has partnered with his Zynga to develop his game exclusively for mobile. Disco Loco 3D; a charity game Garden of GoodThe ability for players to trigger donations to Feeding America was made available on the US version of TikTok in June. TikTok previously tested an HTML5 game in Vietnam.

Other major tech companies are pushing into mobile gaming, including Apple, Google, and most recently Netflix. Of course, Zynga became a giant of social gaming with the help of Facebook’s massive reach, but Facebook moved to cloud gaming in 2020. Meta tries to mimic TikTok’s many features across the app. It’s no secret that TikTok takes a leaf out of Facebook’s playbook at the forefront of gaming.

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