TikTok bandwidth providers are rapidly surpassing Wall Street expectations in the third quarter

The stock of content delivery networker Fastly, which hosts traffic for the TikTok app, soared late in the transaction after the company. report Third-quarter earnings that exceed Wall Street expectations.

Third-quarter revenue was $ 87 million, up 23% year-on-year, resulting in a net loss of 11 cents per share.

Analysts modeled $ 84.23 million and lost $ 0.19 per share.

The report sent Fastly a share of over 19% in slow deals.

The company expects sales for the quarter to be between $ 90 million and $ 93 million and net losses in the range of 19 to 16 cents.

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He noted that the dollar-based net growth rate was 143%, only a slight drop from 147% in the third quarter, rapidly promoting the win among corporate clients this quarter. The company’s corporate customer base increased to 430 and total customer base increased from 2,581 in the second quarter to 2,748.

Average customer spending for businesses fell from about $ 702,000 in the second quarter to about $ 698,000 in the third quarter.

Fastly CEO Joshua Bixby said he was “happy” that the top customers returned traffic after the outage in the second quarter.

“Over the last two years, we’ve overcome unexpected volatility and ever-changing market conditions, and we’re encouraged by the opportunities in front of us,” said Bixby.

“Our foundational technology enables enterprise developers to build modern decentralized applications and digital experiences that maximize performance, programmability, and security, and our global edge cloud network creates and protects online content. , I believe it will be the future of delivery. “

Bixby added that it hopes to reach $ 1 billion in revenue by 2025.

Full-year sales range from $ 347 million to $ 350 million and net losses range from 58 cents to 55 cents per share.

society Said in may CFO Adriel Lares will leave the company, but will continue for some time while a successor is sought.

“CFO Adriel Lares will resign after five years of work,” said CEO Joshua Bixby. TikTok bandwidth providers are rapidly surpassing Wall Street expectations in the third quarter

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