This reusable smart notebook is a visual learner’s dream tool.

The new Rocketbook Pro comes in two sizes and is pictured in letter size (8.5″ x 11″).

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of rocketbook pro It looks just like any other notebook, but it’s full of beautiful secrets. Fully reusable, the Rocketbook app makes it easy to transfer your notes from your page to your phone.

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This notebook comes with an erasable Pilot FriXion pen, a microfiber cloth for wiping the pages clean, a 40-page ruled and dot grid page pack, and a scratch-resistant cover.

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rocketbook pro

A 20-sheet scannable notebook for quickly transferring copy from handwritten to digital.

Smart Notes is one way to reduce your environmental impact. Especially for those who buy a notebook every year or who like to keep a diary. Beyond environmental considerations, there’s the obvious fact that many people still prefer handwriting notes, diaries, lists, and plans to using digital alternatives.

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Personally, I find handwriting easier to remember. This has been proven to be true for others as well. in medical research.

pilot friction pen

FriXion is Pilot’s line of erasable pens.

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The beauty of the Rocketbook Pro lies in its two-pronged approach to smart notebooks. You get both the benefits of old-fashioned handwriting and the ability to store and save pages digitally.

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How does that last part work? The Rocketbook Pro notebook cover has an NFC chip built into it that connects to the Rocketbook app when held up to an NFC-enabled smartphone running iOS or Android. This allows you to scan pages and save them individually or in batches as shareable PDFs. It can be pre-configured to automatically send scans to various destinations such as OneDrive, Evernote, Slack, Email, iCloud, Google Drive, Box, OneNote and more. All have different code at the bottom of each page.

When you’re done taking notes and satisfied with how the app scanned them, you can wipe the Rocketbook Pro page clean with a damp microfiber cloth.

Rocketbook Pro on my desk

Rocketbook Pro is a sophisticated version of the professional smart notebook.

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Rocketbook has also taken a step towards a more professional look with the Pro smart notebook. Gone are the spiral binding and flexible cover in favor of a hard, scratch-resistant portfolio-style cover made from vegan leather.

This new optional hardcover is one that many users of previous Rocketbook versions have requested. The Pro version lays completely flat for writing when open, and bends 360 degrees for quick note-taking on the go.

As a fan of bullet journaling and organization in general, I love how customizable blank and dotted notebooks are. My Bullet Journal works as an all-in-one for jotting down plans, work tasks and meetings, lists, to-dos, budgeting, and random annotations.

Rocketbook Pro has different page packs. planner It has the ability to customize the planner as it leaves a page blank for sketching. Pilot also offers different types of erasable friction pens such as: clicker color pens, marker, pasteland more options to make my journaling heart flutter.

pilot friction pen eraser

Apart from the damp cloth, one end of the included Pilot FriXion Pen has a fairly effective eraser.

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I like to keep my old diary as a snapshot of my life at that stage, but scanning the pages and saving them serves the same purpose, and the fact that I can just wipe the pages and start over is very Convenient.


rocket book pro "What does ZDNET think about it?" written there

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After so many weeks of use, I can’t say for certain that I won’t be going back to pen and paper notebooks, especially my favorite bullet journal. But I can swear I won’t for a while. I love the Rocketbook Pro’s versatility, allowing me to create my own layouts on the dot grid and erase mistakes I couldn’t make with a paper bullet journal. So far, I’ve found myself reaching for Rocketbook almost exclusively whenever I need to take quick notes or organize my thoughts.

Rocketbook Pro is available in 8.5″ x 11″ letter size. retail price is $607″ x 9″ executive size, Price is $55.

https://www.zdnet.com/home-and-office/work-life/this-reusable-smart-notebook-is-a-visual-learners-dream-tool/#ftag=RSSbaffb68 This reusable smart notebook is a visual learner’s dream tool.

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