This pop-up cabin far exceeds the cramped and small tent.

TLDR: The Castle Pop-up Cabin is mounted on the vehicle to act as a comfortable and spacious outdoor living room.

Camping, setting up tents and sleeping in the great outdoors are naive attractions. But to be honest, if you could actually sleep and enjoy the convenience of your cabin instead of that tent, you would be heartbeating away those big events.

Assuming you don’t have the resources to build a personal cabin where you want to camp at night Castle Pop-up Cabin ($ 299.99, 20% off, From TNWDeals) is the next best thing, you can turn your car into an outdoor portable living room to sleep and relax comfortably.

Funded through a kickstarter, the Carsule is packed less than 3 feet wide for easy transport, mounted directly on the swing-up rear tailgate of many cars, SUVs, minivans, etc., and easy to set up anywhere. I can do it. When fully deployed within 5 minutes, the Carsule is like mounting a 6-square-foot room behind the vehicle.

Using a tailgate and some aluminum beams to support this cozy waterproof living space, it’s big enough to sleep up to 4 people, standing, setting up a table, eating, reading It’s big enough to work virtually anywhere. You can park your car.

While the tent is cramped and trapped, Carsule features mesh siding and large windows so you can enjoy the scenery at any time as the air easily circulates through the space. With thick, durable, waterproof felt flooring, integrated mosquito nets, UV protection coatings, and other features, it’s an absolute step up from the bare essentials of a small tent.

Carsule is modular, so you can attach it to other Carsule units to create even more space. With branch lines attached, the Carsule is sturdy enough to stand on its own with the vehicle and withstand strong winds.

Currently, Carsule Pop-Up Cabin is available at the following URL: $ 80 off regular price, up to $ 299.99..

Prices are subject to change This pop-up cabin far exceeds the cramped and small tent.

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