This Indian device can detect COVID-19, BP and oxygen saturation in seconds

Researchers at the KJ Hospital Research and Post Graduate Center in Chennai claim that Covid-19 can be detected based on parameters such as zeta potential, blood pressure, body temperature, oxygen saturation, and blood cell count, the size of a human palm. We have succeeded in developing and demonstrating the device. In just a few seconds.

Even so, there is no stabbing or invasive method. Simply cover your palm with plastic gloves (to prevent infection) and place it on the device, and the results will be seconds on the connected computer, as opposed to the minimum of 6 hours required to obtain RT-PCR test results. Flashes within.

This technology is based on the ability to measure the very small amount of electricity produced by the living human body. Ideally, it is in the range of 23 to 25 millivolts (mV) for the average person.However, researchers have found that people infected with the virus have measurements of 20-22 mV, while those infected have COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection) It may show a reading of 5 to 15 mV.

The sensor can also detect low blood oxygen saturation and blood pressure in addition to white blood cells (WBC), red blood cells (RBC), low platelet counts, and above normal body temperature (fever).

According to the team, the idea came from a study conducted in cancer patients and showed zeta potentials up to 68 mV. This indicates high temperature, current, and rapid cell growth.

The lessons learned from their study of using copper and silver nanoparticles in prosthetic heart valves to prevent blood clots have also contributed to the latest breakthrough in combating Covid-19.

“We used RT-PCR test results from hundreds of patients who visited Stanley and Omandural Hospitals in Chennai to validate the device results when compared to standard blood cell count tests. , 100% consistent with RT-PCR results, almost 98% consistent, “Dhejasvee Rajagopal and Arun Inbaraj researchers at the KJ Research Foundation told ZeeMedia.

It has cost about Rs.10,000 to develop a device in the last 15 months, but the team expects manufacturing partners to be able to manufacture the device at a much lower cost if done in large quantities. .. The team applied for a patent on the device and also published a research treatise on its operation.

“My role is inspiration, research and development. There are other partners who adopt it for commercial manufacturing and development. We are a unit recognized by the Department of Science and Technology of the Government of India.” Creation of the hospital Dr. Jegadeesan of FRCS, who is also the chief surgeon, told Zee Media. This Indian device can detect COVID-19, BP and oxygen saturation in seconds

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