This helped drive LG Mobile to its ultimate fate.

as you know, LG Mobile has been driven to that fate and is now over. LG Electronics Stop Smartphone business. The announcement was made a few days ago and the company plans to shut down by the end of June. LG Keep updating That smartphone, As confirmed in another announcement. That said, there are many reasons why LG Mobile no longer exists. In this article, we’ll focus more on why LG Mobile was ruined.

LG has been manufacturing mobile devices for a long time. The company started with mobile phones in 2002. Since then, we have launched a large number of mobile phones and smartphones around the world. At one point, LG was arguably one of the most famous mobile device companies. It stood right there with Samsung, Motorola, HTC, and other smartphone makers that sometimes shined brightly, depending on what time of history we were talking about.

The problem is that LG Mobile has been losing money since 2015. The company has suffered quarterly operating losses without exception since 2015. LG sought to turn things around by redesigning smartphones and changing software offerings. Change the focus of your smartphone … but nothing helped. Now different people list different reasons why it is. I think everyone disagrees as to why LG Mobile has failed in the long run. Below are my opinions and the opinions of colleagues who have discussed the situation. Before you start, please note that these reasons are not listed in any particular order.

Non-impressive software helped spell out the fate of LG Mobile

New logo image of AH LG G5 2

LG’s software was arguably one of the main reasons behind its collapse. The company used Android on their smartphones, but in addition it used a custom UI. The UI has been renamed over the years and improved near the end, but it was too late. The LG Optimus UI wasn’t good, but to be honest, the competitors weren’t, at least most of them. That UI was mainly used when LG smartphones were still very popular. For example, LG G2 and G3 used it. Later, LG switched to LG UX, which also made some efforts to improve, but users remembered LG’s problem in that regard, and the company remembered it.

Slow and buggy updates

Something else that is noteworthy, related to software, is an update. LG has never been the fastest when it comes to delivering smartphone updates. This has become another major fate factor for the mobile business. In fact, it was considered one of the slowest OEMs to do so, at least as far as the most famous smartphone OEMs do. The company also tended to offer slightly buggy updates, similar to Samsung at the time. The problem is that Samsung will improve over time and can afford to have such problems. That wasn’t the case with LG. The company started to get better after a long time, but it was too late. Besides, it never reached the level of its competitors.

Boot loop problem

Boot loops are worth mentioning individually in this list, that’s for sure. A significant number of the company’s devices suffered from boot loops, most of which were between 2015 and 2016. This is not just a coincidence, as LG previously stated that it has suffered operating losses since 2015. I remember people struggling with boot loops in 2015 as LG smartphones became useless. Such issues have been seen on well-known LG smartphones such as the LG G3, G4, Nexus 5X, LG V10 and G Flex 2. The number of phones has increased, but these are just a few examples. Boot loops can be a software issue, but not for LG. They were caused by “loose contact between components”, which was informed at the time.

Broken main board

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Another hardware problem that LG smartphones suffered … Mainboard failure. This is also a problem that has existed for quite some time. That wasn’t a problem for all users far away, but quite a few devices had problems with the mainboard. They were perfectly fine until they weren’t. The failure of the main board basically broke the phones and had to replace them. If this happened during the warranty period, the user was lucky, but there were no rules. For my LG G3 unit, the main board broke down about two and a half years after the warranty expired. My friend had a similar problem with the Nexus 5X because he had to replace the mainboard about 1.5 years after he bought the phone. There could be issues with all smartphones, but these mainboard issues were fairly widespread for LG smartphones and are definitely included in this list.

Insufficient marketing activities

LG Mobile was by no means good at marketing. It has rarely failed to present the best smartphones the way they should be. Samsung was a completely different story, as Galaxy smartphones were everywhere. To be honest, LG Mobile didn’t have that big budget for marketing, but it still had to find a way to do a much better job. OnePlus More or less the power of social media has spawned cult followers and is now a fairly well-known smartphone OEM. There’s always a way, but LG Mobile has actually failed across the marketing department.

Smartphone price tags and carrier discounts

Another area that LG Mobile should have done better is price tags. Initially, the company sought to compete with the most popular smartphones for price tags, even after it began to have financial problems. Instead, I should have found a way to undercut them without breaking the phones. LG has changed its strategy ever since, but the price tag was still too high, given what certain phones offer. Some of them were pretty common and weren’t attractive enough for people to buy them. Another price-related issue that LG has had, especially in the United States, is the carrier.

LG smartphone models offered through US carriers often receive significant discounts shortly after launch. A month or two after its launch, users were able to get really big discounts on their premium smartphones. In some cases, we’ll talk about a $ 200 discount. Needless to say, it really frustrated consumers who bought the device at the original price tag and became skeptical of moving forward. Many of them were taught by the past situation and actually waited for price cuts. It also contributed to the loss of sales of the company’s smartphones.

LG G5 factor

The LG G5 is one of the LG smartphones that deserves this list. The phone was announced in February 2016 and was one of the most credibly contributing devices to the end of LG. LG tried to do something completely different with this device, and the company even sold it as a “modular smartphone.” The company created the device so that it could be removed from the bottom of the device and replaced with another “module”. That may sound great, but it wasn’t. Not to mention the quality of the build wasn’t there, it just wasn’t attractive enough to do that.

LG G5 AH new watermark

I felt the bottom of the phone … well, off. It felt a bit cheesy, and it was known to loosen quite often in some units. In general, the manufacturing quality of phones was not very good. LG has done a much better job on many other phones. In fact, the successor to the LG G5, the LG G6, was in a completely different world when it came to building quality. The phone was different from its competitors, but it still looked good and shouted for a premium build. Unfortunately, it seems that it was already too late at that time.

https://www./lg-mobile-reasons-quit-doom-demise.html This helped drive LG Mobile to its ultimate fate.

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