This Earth image shared by the SpaceX crew was taken on an Apple iPhone

San Francisco: After spending three days in orbit, SpaceX Inspiration4’s world’s first civilian mission returned safely to Earth last month, sharing a stunning image of the Earth taken by mission commander Jared Isaacman on his iPhone. Elon Musk’s SpaceX Connects with Swarm Technologies to Acquire Satellite Startup..

“It’s amazing that the iPhone can take pictures like this. I love the nose cones in the pictures,” Isaacman tweeted while sharing the pictures.

Isaacman shared a vivid video shot inside the cupola. He said it was shot on the iPhone during the flight. He added that the crew was “very lucky to have this perspective and we will do everything we can to share our experience with the world.”

This is SpaceX’s first civilian mission, and its crew includes medical assistant Haley Arseno, aerospace data engineer and Air Force veteran Christopher Sembroski, and geoscientist Dr. Sian Proctor. It was.

Arsenor, on the other hand, looked 360 degrees from space to the Earth and called this experience “absolutely life-changing.” The fully automated dragon capsule surpassed the International Space Station by 160 kilometers and reached an unusually high altitude of 585 kilometers. Inspired by the ISSl cupola, the dragon’s dome window provided the crew with a spectacular view of the Earth.

“We loved space, but it’s great to be at home!” Isaacman wrote on Twitter.

“It’s definitely the greatest experience of my life. I can’t wait to share more with you! Red heart,” added Arseno.

“What a wonderful adventure! I’m very happy to be back on Earth with my family. I have a lot to share! What a wonderful @ inspiration4x team! Thank you @SpaceX! ASembroski said.

“Inspiration 4, which aims to inspire humanity and raise money for St. Jude, has exceeded the” 200-meter goal, “Issacman shared in a tweet.

“The dragon performed a series of departure stage burns to leave the 575-kilometer circular orbit, then dumped the trunk before the out-of-orbit burn. After re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere, the spacecraft was ready. We have deployed two draws and four major parachutes for the soft swimsuit for land, “said the company’s website.

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