These people are switching to a four-day work week. Are you next?

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Most of the companies participating in the world’s largest four-day week trial will continue to do so.

About 61 companies with about 2,900 employees participated in the six-month trial. Now that it’s done, 56 companies have opted to extend the four-day week, and 18 of them have made the change permanent.

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Participants from different sectors experimented with different four-day models, including ‘Friday Off’, ‘Staggered’, ‘Distributed’, ‘Annual’ and ‘Conditional’. The staff kept his existing salary, but instead of five he worked four days.

trial conducted from June to December 2022included two months of preparation, workshops, coaching, mentoring, and peer support.

of study 39% of employees felt less stressed after the trial, and 71% found their levels of burnout decreased at the end of the trial. About 54% reported that it became easier to combine work and family responsibilities, 60% found it easier to combine paid work and caregiving responsibilities, and 62% found it easier to combine work and social life. reported to be easy. The company reports that he reduced employee turnover by 57% during the probationary period.

The trial was led by think tank Autonomy and the 4 Day Week Campaign, backed by researchers from Boston College, Cambridge University and Oxford University.

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“This is a big breakthrough moment for the move towards a four-day work week,” said Joe Lyle, Director of the Four-Day Weekly Campaign.

“Across different sectors of the economy, these stunning results show that a four-day week with no wage loss really works.”

The authors of the report note that the study was conducted at an organization of their own choosing, so it is likely that the organization will work, but they also argue that the results support the reduction in workweeks. There is

“We don’t know exactly what happened to productivity, but we do know about various other metrics, whether we’re talking about revenue or not. [workforce] We’ve seen really good results in attrition, productivity, employee benefits, and self-reporting costs,” said Juliet Schor of Boston College. According to the BBC.

https://www.zdnet.com/home-and-office/work-life/these-people-are-switching-to-a-four-day-working-week-could-you-be-next/#ftag=RSSbaffb68 These people are switching to a four-day work week. Are you next?

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