These features have made me love the iPhone 13 Pro camera

What I want most from a smartphone camera is versatility, so it’s creative and fun. The iPhone 13 Pro has achieved this goal and I hope you enjoy the photo features of your phone as much as I do.Since its release, I have iPhone 13 Pro Compared with Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra When iPhone 12 Pro, Take hundreds of photos and many videos along the way.

This is what I enjoy most about it and some tips on how you can do the same on your phone.

Macro mode

The iPhone 13 Pro is the first iPhone to feature a dedicated macro shooting mode that uses an ultra-wide camera to focus on objects close to 2 centimeters. Are you wondering how to activate it? Do not do this as the iPhone will do it automatically. In photo mode, the camera automatically switches to ultra-wide when you get close to something. That is, you don’t have to do anything.

This is useful and annoying. It’s convenient because it speeds up and simplifies the macro shooting process, but it’s annoying because you don’t have to keep macro mode active all the time and there’s no way to turn it off yet.This comes in iOS 15.1 But when it was released. The iPhone 13 Pro’s macro mode has autofocus, so you can tap the screen to select the focus. It also works in video and iPhone night mode.

The results can be amazing.The shot is not like a different world, Oppo Find X3 Pro Microscope CameraMuch better from the garbage photos taken in 2 megapixel macro camera Found on many other phones. Sure, you can take pictures of anything in the house, but it was the most fun to get out and see how close you were to the insects. Autofocus means you can do it faster, and it’s essential for this kind of photo.

This feature isn’t used as often as the three main cameras, but it has a unique feature in comparison that adds another dimension to the iPhone 13 Pro’s camera. The best news is that despite automatic activation, it works very well.

Cinematic mode

Undoubtedly a new feature in the iPhone 13 Pro’s headline, cinematic mode adds a blurry background effect to the video, but cleverly recognizes when to automatically shift focus to a new subject, pro. You can make the video look like a movie shot by. It works with main, wide-angle, telephoto and selfie cameras, making it extremely versatile.

Before you start, you need to know if you want to use the auto-refocus feature. Others need to take part in the shot. It does not automatically refocus the object, but you can force it to focus by tapping the screen. You can recognize people and things, but you cannot recognize general landscapes. For example, the following video shot with a selfie camera is successfully refocusing on the vehicle.

This is the cinematic mode of the iPhone 13 Pro with a selfie camera. If you manually adjust the focus, the object will be recognized. Effectively focuses on the subject and firmly recognizes edges!
We apologize for the mug in the demo video.

& Mdash; Andy Boxall (@AndyBoxall) October 12, 2021

Edge recognition is surprisingly effective and looks very natural at first glance. If you look closely, you’ll see that there are some problems with the glasses when moving, but they seem to understand that the cap should be treated as part of the head. What I really like about cinematic mode is how much it accelerates the experiment. The more you practice, the better the results and the more fun it is.

After shooting the video, you can change the depth effect of the editing suite, such as refocusing the camera. There is always the risk that this type of feature is difficult to use, has no effect worth the effort, or is too restrictive. Cinematic mode avoids this because it’s easy to use (just press a record), looks good in most cases, and can be used by yourself or with others and on all cameras on the phone.

3x optical zoom

From the iPhone 12 Pro’s 2x optical zoom, you can use the iPhone 13 Pro’s 3x telephoto camera to get even closer to your subject without sacrificing quality.Phone like Galaxy S21 Ultra offers two different optical zoom levelsIf you use a phone with only one level, 3x is the best choice. It tends to be a little too close to normal use, but it offers a more creative opportunity than a 5x optical zoom, which has a greater impact than a 2x optical zoom.

You may already know how to activate in normal photo mode with the 3x icon clearly marked at the bottom of the viewfinder window, but did you know that it can also be used in portrait mode? When you switch the camera to portrait, you will see a 1x icon in the lower left corner of the finder window. Tap this to switch to 3x optical zoom mode. The portrait effect on the iPhone is great, with very accurate and natural edge recognition. This is only emphasized when used in combination with 3x zoom.

Experiment with different portrait lighting effects, crops, and filters to create shots that you wouldn’t expect from your phone. Using the rear camera, I took a portrait mode selfie in the gallery here, added a contour lighting effect, cropped to a 3×2 aspect ratio, and added a noir filter. It takes a little time to dramatically change a photo.

Use photo style

Photo styles are a bit of a hidden feature, and I’m not entirely sure how effective they are yet, but you can change the look of your photos in a slightly different way than just applying filters. To find them, tap the arrow icon at the top of the viewfinder to bring up a submenu at the bottom of the screen, then tap the icon that looks like multiple stacked windows.

iPhone 13 Pro photo style.
Andy Boxol / Digital Trends

You can choose to use the standard view or switch to a variety of filter style views called Rich Contrast, Vibrant, Warm, and Cool. Because it’s a live view, you can see how each setting changes the look of your scene, but the difference from regular filters is that you can adjust the tone and warmth individually to get the look you want. How to adjust. According to Apple, Photographic Styles intelligently keeps skin tones and the sky looking natural, but it does.

The settings are remembered when you quit the Camera app, so if you need to revert to standard view in most situations, you’ll have to manually revert to standard view. If you want to reset the changes you’ve made to warmth and tone, look for the reset button next to the slider you used to change them. Otherwise, they are permanent changes.

This is important because, like regular filters, there is time and place to use photo styles and changes may not fit all photos. You can also use the photo edit mode to change the photo to your liking, but this is only available after you take the photo. Photo styles may give you the look you want right away, and it’s worth using them. Don’t overdo it.

Photo editing and iMovie

Apple’s iOS has one of the best and most comprehensive photo editing suites built in, so you really need to use it. I think the interface is a bit complicated, but you can’t deny its functionality, especially if you’re trimming or changing the aspect ratio. You can change almost every aspect of the image and see the changes in real time. I like to make my photos look special and it’s very easy to get them right on my iPhone.

The suite also has a functional video editing mode, but don’t forget iMovie. Cutting a video using an editor is great at first, but iMovie puts them all together into a great looking final video. Very useful when you want to share videos quickly. It took me 5 minutes to edit multiple clips together in the above cinematic mode demo video. If you want, you can reorder individual videos, change their appearance, change their length, duplicate clips, add titles and audio, and more, let iMovie do the work for you, or dig deeper.

This is all about completing the experience on the iPhone. The iPhone 13 Pro’s A15 Bionic processor means everything is done very quickly. Whether I’m shooting a video in cinematic mode or editing it in iMovie later, I haven’t found a situation where I feel something other than momentary.

I have an iPhone 13 Pro and all of the above iPhone 13 Pro Max.. I really enjoy using the camera and all its new features out and about, and I hope you do too.

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