These Cities Are America’s Allergy Capitals, Study Says

Tampa, Florida (WFLA) — A new report from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America ranks the 100 largest cities in the United States for the worst seasonal allergies.

This study examines how difficult it is for residents to manage seasonal pollen allergies. The researchers analyzed urban weed, grass, and tree pollen scores, use of over-the-counter allergy medications, and the availability of immunologists and allergy specialists to determine their placement.

Wichita, Kansas tops the list of cities for its high pollen counts and lack of board-certified allergists. Florida has the most cities in the top 20, seven of which were Florida. Sarasota, No. 6, ranked highest in the state.

Climate change is exacerbating seasonal allergies, and temperate states like Florida have been affected for decades. concentration will be higher.

According to the AAFA, between 1990 and 2018, the growing season of plants increased by an average of 20 days and pollen production increased by about 21%.last month Reports of seasonal allergies A study by Climate Central found that allergy seasons have increased from 50 to 99 days in some cities.

“With climate change, we are experiencing a longer and more intense allergy season. For asthma sufferers, allergies can trigger asthma attacks. If you don’t wake it up, pollen production will only intensify.”

According to the AAFA, a severe allergy season puts about 26 million Americans with asthma at risk. Reportedly, this condition is caused by allergies in 60-80% of her patients.

“Asthma emergency room visits often spike as pollen counts spike,” Mendez said. Addressing and managing allergy triggers is critical.”

America’s Top 20 Allergy Capitals, According to AAFA:

1. Wichita, Kansas 11. Virginia Beach, Virginia
2. Dallas, Texas 12. Houston, Texas
3. Scranton, Pennsylvania 13. Little Rock, Arkansas
4. Oklahoma City, OK 14. Miami, Florida
5. Tulsa, Oklahoma 15. Lakeland, Florida
6. Sarasota, Florida 16. Raleigh, North Carolina
7. Cape Coral, Florida 17. Palm Bay, Florida
8. Orlando, Florida 18. Tampa, Florida
9. Des Moines, Iowa 19. Greensboro, North Carolina
10. Greenville, South Carolina 20. Rochester, New York

To see how the other 80 cities rank, Read the full Allergy Capital Report here.

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