Theragun Deal: $100 Off Massage Guns For Black Friday 2022


Squatting at a desk all day can leave you suffering from neck and back pain – I know from experience. However, Therabody’s Theragun Prime massage gun allows you to effectively massage your neck knots even when you’re slouched at your desk.

Theragun’s Prime handheld device comes with 4 different attachments, providing 5 speeds for deep tissue muscle relief. You can usually get it for the price of about 3 message subscriptions at $299.However, during Black Firday, a handheld massager $198.

With Theragun’s Bluetooth-enabled massage gun, you can de-stress anytime, anywhere – from your couch or desk. Theragun’s app allows you to control the gun’s speed and pressure so you can direct it where you need it most.

Therabody promises quiet noise isolation as the handheld gun vibrates, so it doesn’t sound like you have a jackhammer on your shoulder.

The Theragun Prime has an ergonomic triangular handle that reduces pressure on your hands and wrists so you don’t have to massage your hands after holding the handgun to direct your attention to remaining problem areas. is designed to Also, its percussive his therapy treatments reach deep into your muscles in a less impactful way, so you won’t feel even more sore after using the gun.

Whether this is your first massage gun purchase or an upgrade, know that you don’t have to be an avid athlete or gym rat. If you’re looking for a stress and tension reliever that fits in your hand, this Prime Early Access sale might be the perfect time to try out his Theragun’s Prime.

https://www.zdnet.com/article/theragun-deal-black-friday-2022-sale/#ftag=RSSbaffb68 Theragun Deal: $100 Off Massage Guns For Black Friday 2022

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