The west coast has received a tsunami recommendation

A large volcanic eruption sent a tsunami to the Pacific country of Tonga on Saturday.This led to Hawaii Tsunami Recommendation And that The entire west coast of the United States..

Hawaiian Islands, according to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center I have experienced it before Only a slight flood from the event. Catastrophic waves are not expected in the continental United States, but coastal residents still need to take precautions. According to the NWS National Tsunami Warning Center, strong and dangerous ocean currents and dangerous waves can occur. At the very least, people near the coast are advised to “get out of the water, out of the beach, away from harbors, marina, breakwaters, bays and coves.” Do not go to the shore to observe the tsunami.Read more about when tsunami conditions are expected to begin in your area here..

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Tsunami is caused by an earthquake, Deep sea volcanic eruption, and Submarine landslide.. Wave height can increase as you move through the deep sea, allowing huge and dangerous waves to hit the shores far from the initial disturbance.

Hunga Tonga Hunga Ha’apai Volcano is located about 19 miles southeast. Fonuafoo Island, Tonga, It erupted once on Friday and once on Saturday. BBC report The first eruption, which lasted eight minutes, was “sounded as a” loud thunder “” up to 500 miles away in Fiji. Tonga’s largest island, Tongatapu, I was hit by heavy waves and floods, And clouds of volcanic ash and volcanic debris.

Residents of the area receiving the recommendation should pay attention to the emergency alert.If you upgrade to tsunami caveat, They need to move inland immediately or look for hills —If possible, on foot to avoid traffic jams with other evacuees.. The west coast has received a tsunami recommendation

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