The Wachowski sisters are auctioning iconic movie props to help transgender youth

Record 238 anti-LGBTQ bills have been proposed in the United States this year alone (as of last month), about half of which are specifically targeted at transgender people. Against this background, filmmakers Lana and Lilly Wachowski have announced that they will hold an auction of movie props such as: matrix When Cloud Atlas To raise money for vulnerable transgender youth, Gizmodo report.

The Enter the Matrix: Wachowski Collection Items from the Canon and Netflix cult series of movies hosted by Potter & Potter Auctions are: Sense8.. All collected money will be sent to the Trance Youth Fund for Protection and Defense. The fund distributes funds to organizations in Florida, Arkansas, Tennessee, and elsewhere in the United States.

You can get many iconic props and items, like the Lightning Rifle used on the screen. matrix “Like Cipher (Joe Pantoliano) behaved against tanks (Marcus Chong) and Dozer (Anthony Ray Parker).”Others include latex ears and gravity boots worn on Channing Tatum screens. Jupiter ascending orderPurple segway from Speed ​​racerExecution chair from, Cloud AtlasMTV Movie / ACE / Jupiter Awards, Platinum Records, etc.

The auction accepts bids for absentees and the live auction will begin on May 12th at 11:00 am. At the same time, Transweek begins today and continues until March 31st. Please see the website for assistance methods.

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