The USPS is delaying first class emails on October 1st.What do delays and price increases mean to you?

If you do business or rely on the USPS to pay your invoice, you could get into a more bumpy vehicle.

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If you’re like me, sending letters and parcels nationwide through the United States Postal Service feels like a game of chance. Will it get there in a week or two? During the first quarter of this year About 20% of first class emails Delivered late in the United States. And now, snail mail is slowing down in some of the 160 million homes and businesses that rely on postal services.

Starting October 1, the USPS will implement a new service standard for first-class mail and packages, extending delivery times by approximately 30% of that amount. This means that some letters, parcels, and magazine subscriptions that travel long distances can take up to 5 days to arrive instead of a few days.The change is part of a 10-year plan called Delivery to the United States Overhaul the agency and try to work on it $ 160 Billion Debt.. The plan will also reduce post office hours, raise customer prices, and raise even more postage during peak holiday seasons.

Hourly An average of 17.7 million mail items Processed and delivered by the USPS, some of which are packages from online retailers such as Amazon. However, as Americans increasingly rely on electronic payments and communications, the volume of top-notch mail, such as letters, cards, and invoices, has declined significantly. And as the demand for e-commerce grows, agencies are struggling to keep up with the rapid delivery of competitors such as UPS, FedEx, and even Amazon itself, which has its own distribution network.

What does the USPS service change mean to you? Expensive or irregular email delivery can lead to delays in wedding invitations and even unemployment checks. Child tax credit payment. Below are some of the key changes you should be aware of, who the USPS price increases and delays might have the most impact on, what to do if you face a USPS stagnation, and the options you need to send an email to. To do.

What is involved in USPS’s new cost reduction plan?

The post office says it’s struggling to meet high performance standards and has been financially underwater for some time. The COVID pandemic exacerbated the USPS service slump and cash crisis. The shortage of staff clashed with both the surge in online purchases of essentials and the influx of ballots for 2020.

One way the USPS plans to reduce costs is to reduce the number of planes used to transport mail and increase the number of trucks instead. This allows you to deliver more mail for less money. Land transportation is also more reliable than air in all seasons. According to USPS..

The post office’s 10-year plan also includes billions of dollars in contracts. Now modernize the fleet of ancient delivery vehicles, In 2023 a new truck appeared on the transportation route. It also proposes to invest in equipment and infrastructure to transport increasing packages more efficiently, and to upgrade to postal facilities.

When asked to comment, a USPS spokeswoman said the new service standard would improve the reliability, consistency and efficiency of delivery to customers.

However, some critics are wondering why agencies choose to slow down their emails when they’re already struggling to deliver them on time. The Postal Regulatory Commission Advisory Opinion on July 20 It found that the estimated annual cost savings of USPS-proposed changes in service standards did not actually lead to a “significant improvement” in the current deficit problem of government agencies.


Experts say the new changes will lead to the biggest slowdown in email for more than a generation.

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How are first class email and packaging services affected?

Not all first class email is affected by the new service standard. The breakdown is as follows.

First-class email (Standard size one-piece letter and envelope): USPS says 39% of emails are delivered in 3 to 5 days, depending on the distance between your origin and destination. The rest (61% of local email) is unaffected and will be delivered in 1-2 days.

First-class package service (Small and light parcel): Post office says 32% of packages are delivered in 4-5 days and have the longest timetable (for example, between California and New York). The rest (68% of the package) will be delivered in 2-3 days.

Periodical (Magazines, magazines, newspapers): USPS says Currently, only 9% of publications are delivered in up to 5 days, and 93% continue to be delivered within 2 days.

What is the actual cause of USPS delivery delays?

There are many reasons for postal service emails to get stuck, but in many cases it’s not what you expect. Here are some of the most common reasons for email delays:

  • weather: Postage interruptions can be due to severe winter storms, floods, natural disasters, or power outages. Customers can see weather-related delays. Service alert USPS website page.
  • holiday: The holiday season is the busiest time for post offices, and a surge in parcel volume can cause delays if the agency cannot handle the volume purchased in a hurry through a retailer. One way to avoid this is to prepare early and avoid buying gifts at the last minute.
  • Wrong address: The recipient may enter the wrong address or have a typo in the shipping address, such as the street name being unreadable due to the missing apartment number.
  • No notification slip: If the USPS fails to deliver the mail because no one was able to receive it, or if there is no safe place to store the mail, you will be notified that your package is at the nearest post office. there is. However, if the voucher is lost, there is no way to track the package.

Like other workers, there was a pandemic that affected postal employees. Employees had to comply with social distance guidelines, quarantine restrictions, and safety protocols, and email processing and delivery was interrupted. At the same time, the blockage significantly increased the volume of parcels, overwhelming some facilities and simply stopped accepting mail.

Last summer, mail carriers who usually make multiple delivery trips to deliver mail in a timely manner I was instructed not to make an extra trip And just Leave mail in the distribution center, The Washington Post reported.


The post office predicts that the number of packages will increase significantly over the next few years, driven by online shopping.


Who is most affected by the slowdown in USPS delivery?

Individuals and businesses will have to travel farther by postal truck, resulting in longer delivery times for both outgoing and incoming email. Therefore, this change will have a particular impact on those who send letters and parcels from coast to coast, and even to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and other US territories that still need to rely on air transport.

First class email delays can also have a non-uniform impact on customers, depending on the zip code.According to the Washington Post, the plan is Disproportionately affects western states and parts of Texas and Florida, for example. Also, local communities, low-income families and the elderly tend to rely on postal services.

Postal delays are a burden for those who risk fees and penalties for late rent checks and invoices. It’s also a concern for those who are waiting for payments and important documents to arrive by mail. (It’s a good idea to have a healthy window for sending important documents, or to make sure that recipients accept emails sent by a particular posting date.)

For some people who rely on mail-order dosing systems, delays in delivery can even be a life-threatening problem.Already during the pandemic, many faced with choosing to receive a prescription at home Problems with taking life-saving medications On time through the USPS.

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What happens if shipping and shipping charges are high?

On August 29, the post office raised the price of top-notch stamps from 55 cents to 58 cents. This means that the Forever stamp costs 3 cents higher. (You can get a cool and personalized design from the post office or However, Forever stamps do not expire, so stamps purchased in 2020 (or earlier) are valid even if the stamps are raised.

For pre-classified letters such as invoices and statements, other top-notch standard-sized mail items such as newspapers and magazines, and large envelopes. Price increaseThe same was true for media emails such as books. Prices for special services such as official mail and money orders have also risen.

The USPS has also announced a temporary price increase for domestic commercial and retail package shipments towards the peak of the fall and holiday season of 2021. This is from October 3rd to December 26th.Priority Email Express and First Class Package Services and Details This USPS statement..

According to the agency’s plans, prices could increase further over the next 10 years. Adding a few cents to send a birthday card may not puncture your pocket, but for companies that send or rely on a lot of email, even a small increase will ruin it. It may be a target.

What are the other options for ensuring that emails arrive on time?

A USPS representative said customers could continue to use Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail services as standard for one to three days to ship letters, large envelopes, or parcels within the continental United States. However, if you use regular first-class email or packaging services, we recommend that you plan ahead and send your email early so that you arrive at your destination on time.

Another option is to compare pricing and shipping quotes with competing carriers such as FedEx and UPS.

What if I lose my USPS package?

When sending or receiving letters or parcels at the post office, keep in mind that the delivery quote is the only one, not a guarantee. The only USPS service that offers a money-back guarantee for deliveries within 2 days is Priority Mail Express. So, unlike first-class email and regular priorities, you’ll actually get a refund if delivery is delayed.

If you’re waiting for a letter or baggage that’s wrongly addressed or stuck due to weather-related delays, the only way to intercept or reroute it is to use the USPS tracking number. Some postal services automatically include tracking, but if you need tracking for first-class or media email, you will have to pay an additional fee. According to USPSAdding a tracking service does not facilitate or guarantee delivery. It only allows you to find your item if it is lost.

If you feel that you are experiencing an atypical delay and you think your email has been lost, Missing email The search request, and the USPS will try to find it. The USPS is delaying first class emails on October 1st.What do delays and price increases mean to you?

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