The USB scope features low noise, 4 channels, and 1 G sample / sec signal acquisition.

The Handyscope HS6 is a USB 3.0 oscilloscope available for models with sampling rates from 200 MSa / s up to 1 GSa / s. The Handyscope HS6 offers flexible resolutions that can be set from 8 bits to 16 bits for high resolution measurements. High accuracy (0.25%) and low noise (240 μV)RMS), The measured signal is displayed with high fidelity. The Handyscope HS6 features TiePie Engineering’s unique CMI. interface. This allows you to connect the Handyscope HS6 to create a device with multiple measurement channels with the same sample frequency (0ppm deviation!). Users can easily expand the number of channels without changing software, making difficult software settings, or purchasing expensive hardware. The CMI interface offers the potential of an 8, 16, 32 or 128 channel oscilloscope or data recorder, with all channels measured in full synchronization with sampling rates up to 1 GSa / sec and resolutions up to 16 bits. I will.

Also unique to TiePie Engineering are the SureConnect connection test options. During the measurement, SureConnect technology checks in real time whether the test probe is in physical and electrical contact with the test object. SureConnect immediately shows if a good connection exists.

The Handyscope HS6 features a USB 3.0 interface with 5 Gb / s data transfer and 200 MSamples / s USB streaming high-speed data transfer. No other USB device can stream faster.

Other special features of the Handyscope HS6 are:
• 1GSa / sec sampling and flexible resolution of 8-16 bits.
• 4 input channels with analog bandwidth up to 250 MHz
• Low noise: 240 μVRMS 90 μV with 14-bit resolutionRMS With 16-bit resolution
• High precision 1ppm timebase
• 0.25% and 0.1% standard DC accuracy
• Very fast 200 MSamples / sec USB streaming data logger
• Up to 256 M points of memory per channel
• SureConnect connectivity test on all channels
• 32 million bin spectrum analyzer

TiePie Engineering, Koperslagersstraat 37, 8601 WL Sneek, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 515 415 416, Fax: +31 515 418 819, Email: sales@tiepie.nl, http://www.tiepie.com/HS6

https://www.eeworldonline.com/tiepie-usb-scope-features-low-noise-four-channels-1-gsa-sec-signal-acquisition/ The USB scope features low noise, 4 channels, and 1 G sample / sec signal acquisition.

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