The UK’s first data center-focused University Technical College course debuts

The UK’s first data center-focused University Technical College (UTC) course begins with students aged 14-19 Start pursuing a career in the digital infrastructure sector..

This course is offered through West London-based education provider UTC Heathrow, a government-funded school that offers technical and scientific courses to learners aged 14-19 who want to become engineers, scientists and technicians in a variety of disciplines. It will be carried out.

UTC Heathrow has decided to redesign its curriculum to include areas where students can acquire the skills and knowledge needed to pursue a technical career in the data center sector through the provision of digital futures programs. I agreed.

The course curriculum is designed in collaboration with various members of the hyperscale cloud and colocation community such as CyrusOne, Virtus datacenters, Ark datacenters, Amazon Web Services, and Yondr, as well as educators such as CNet training.

Other contributors to this project include real estate consultant CBRE and the technology industry group TechUK.

These partners are expected to not only shape the curriculum, but also provide course content and provide course participants with the opportunity to place work experience and apprenticeship.

Up to 100 students up to the age of 14 can participate in the program, and 150 are already following the UTC Heathrow Level 3 Engineering Curriculum.

Upon completing the curriculum, students can expect to complete the program with the BTEC Level 3 National Diploma / Extended Diploma in Engineering and Aeronautical Engineering.

“This partnership is the first in the industry and the first time the mainstream education and data center sectors have worked together to provide a well-defined and reproducible path to the sector,” the organization said in a statement. ..

“This partnership not only increases the number of students with diverse STEM skills, but also raises awareness and positions this sector as a career destination of choice to meet the industry’s technical needs for domestic talent. . “

Global demand for data center staff will increase from 2 million in 2019 to nearly 2.3 million by 2025, according to data released earlier this year by the Uptime Institute, a data center resiliency think tank. I’m out.

Organizations warn that playing these roles is likely to be a challenge in Western Europe, as many data center workers are approaching retirement age and demand for server farm capacity is skyrocketing around the world. bottom.

“More on-the-job training and sector-specific education will be key to the sector’s ability to meet future talent needs.” The Uptime Institute said..

Skill crisis

Steve Hayward, senior director of European operations at CyrusOne, describes the skills crisis that plagues the data center industry as “critical” and secures the talent needed to protect the industry’s continued growth. Said that finding a way to deal with it is “essential.” ..

“Now is the time to be creative about how organizations can help maintain their current workforce and expand their talent pool for the future,” he said.

“We look forward to the opportunity this partnership offers and hope that this initiative will be replicated across other UTCs throughout the UK.”

Andrew Stevens, President and CEO of CNet Training, said: We all need to work together and do so in a way that makes a real difference when young people need inspiration, support, and the opportunity to secure their careers with great opportunities.

“This is an issue that can only be addressed head-on by the industry working together. We need to showcase great career opportunities in the data center sector and help young people have access to them.” He added. The UK’s first data center-focused University Technical College course debuts

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