The Tour de France added ChatGPT and digital twin technology.Here’s how and why

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The Tour de France is one of the world’s most prestigious cycling races, attracting millions of spectators each year. This year, the viewing experience will be significantly upgraded by leveraging the latest technologies such as: IoT, edge computingand Generation AI.

The IT and services company NTT has been a partner of the Tour de France for the past nine years. This year it will create the “World’s Largest Connected Stadium”, Chat GPT.

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A “connected stadium” can set up a digital twin of the race that uses real-time data to digitally replicate every aspect of the race, making the Tour de France a fully digital event.

The digital twin will be used by the event’s organizer, the Amaury Sports organization, to better understand what is happening at the event and ensure smooth operations.

NTT collects data about bikes using geolocation and small sensors mounted under each bike’s saddle.

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Using this technology, NTT receives a constant stream of latitude, longitude, speed and other data from these sensors. This data is transmitted to the race cars via a wireless network before microwave signals carry the data through to the end of the race. , where edge computing devices run a “containerized version” of a real-time analytics platform, according to the company. release.

Additionally, ChatGPT will be integrated into NTT’s AI-powered digital human solution to provide fans with relevant and detailed race information.

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The integration, called Marianne, will use “machine learning, voice recognition, natural language processing and conversational AI” to provide fans with comprehensive race information, according to the release.

All of these advances will also apply to the women’s counterpart, the Tour de France Femme Abec Zwift, which started last year.

https://www.zdnet.com/article/tour-de-france-adds-chatgpt-and-digital-twin-tech-heres-how-and-why/#ftag=RSSbaffb68 The Tour de France added ChatGPT and digital twin technology.Here’s how and why

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