The T-Mobile / Sprint merger hasn’t created jobs — it’s ended them

T-Mobile promised that the $ 26 billion merger with Sprint would literally add new jobs to the economy every day, The Wall Street Journal The newly merged company has confirmed that it actually has fewer employees than it did before the merger.

The specific method is as follows T-Mobile’s promise is:

So let’s really clarify this increasingly important topic. All of this merger will create new, high-quality, high-paying jobs, and the new T-Mobile will be positive for jobs every day from day one. It’s not just a promise. It’s not just a commitment. That is a fact.

“Jobs-positive” is not the way I explain T-Mobile’s employment practices. By the end of 2020, the company had 5,000 fewer employees than it had before the merger. journal Write. And before blaming the COVID-19 pandemic, journal He said reducing the number of jobs is always part of the plan — the pandemic just speeded up the plan Retail unemployment Of T-Mobile’s business. In fact, T-Mobile Dismissed hundreds Sprint’s internal sales team just months after the merger was completed

T-Mobile has specifically promised to add 11,000 jobs by 2024, in addition to the claim that “every day work is positive from day one,” which now looks like a blatant lie. The opposite direction.

I was warned that this would happen. Wall Street Analyst And Union We predicted that if T-Mobile and Sprint got what they wanted, they could lose 24,000 to 30,000 jobs. Karl Bode, a watcher in the telecommunications industry, The Verge highlight What a meaning The promise of the merger is Sprint’s own history Temporary dismissal after the merger

In one context, when Sprint was granted approval for the merger with Nextel in 2005, Sprint made its own claim about how great the merger was for the economy. The board is writing:

Government filings promised the FCC that the deal would “create economic growth and jobs in the United States.” Later, Sprint CEO Gary Forsee shouldn’t expect employees to see the headline in 2005 in the media: “Thousands of jobs will be cut on or in the middle of November. “. Eventually, more than 8,000 employees will lose their jobs.

It’s familiar.

Other T-Mobile merger obligations, such as helping Dish become a viable fourth career option, also seem to be just talking about them.Cooking CEO Charlie Ergen I recently told the FCC If T-Mobile plans to shut down its old 3G CDMA network, Dish’s Boost Mobile customers (who rely on Sprint’s network for service) will be hit hard. Ergen says upgrades to 4G or 5G-enabled phones aren’t a small expense for customers who need a cheaper phone plan offered by Boost, and some people may have to go without it. Emphasize that there is.

As far as work is concerned, current T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert tells J.ournal As the world recovers from the pandemic, the company plans to fill 6,000 jobs. This could bring T-Mobile / Sprint back to its pre-merger number, but it’s unbelievable that the company will add another 11,000 jobs by 2024. The T-Mobile / Sprint merger hasn’t created jobs — it’s ended them

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