The SketchAR app allows you to create art as an NFT and auction it

From videos of “Disaster Girl” and the famous “Charlie Bit My Finger” to the guy behind Instagram’s “Dude With Sign” handle, NFTs or irreplaceable tokens, enthusiasts have swept the world. Thanks to NFTs, what was once created or captured as a hilarious moment in the family is now worth millions of dollars. Ever wondered about creating your own art, converting it to an NFT, and auctioning it? If yes, this may be of interest to you. Earlier this week, the SketchAR app, which is already helping people embark on their creative journey, announced the next steps that will allow artists to upload, create and auction their work as NFTs.

SketchAR has been helping artists for the past four years, but states that the only thing missing was the option to showcase artwork and monetize it in the global digital space. And that’s what SketchAR is currently working on.

“For artists, entering the NFT space provides another area and format for creating and distributing art, and provides loved ones with another way to support them,” SketchAR said. Stated. Blog post..

App makers say they’re ready to give visual content creators the long-awaited monetization opportunity. Interestingly, if the community chooses you as the “Creator of the Week”, the latest work will be automatically converted to NFTs. OpenSea Marketplace..

The team also states that they can select their favorite artwork in the activity feed and convert it to an NFT for free. Therefore, it is better to create and share more. “The main requirement is that the artwork must be created directly in the SketchAR app, which proves that the author is a legitimate right holder.”

SketchAR has a bigger and better plan for artists. In the third quarter of 2021, the app plans NFT self-service. This allows artists to be on-demand, automatically listed in specialized marketplaces, and tokenize their art.

And by the fourth quarter, it will showcase the best artwork created by SketchAR, have an in-house NFT marketplace to attract the attention of collectors and brands, and pave the way for more monetization for artists.

What is an NFT?

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are digital assets that people can buy and sell. There is no concrete form of themselves. It can be anything from collectible sports cards to digital sneakers. The two NFTs are not the same. This makes it difficult to create and distribute fake NFTs.

Also, since the two NFTs are not the same, they cannot be exchanged directly with each other like cryptocurrencies. When people buy NFTs, they get a certificate protected by blockchain technology. It’s still a relatively new trend in the blockchain world, but it’s gaining momentum rapidly.Videos, in-game items for video games, and even tweets Auctioned As an NFT. The SketchAR app allows you to create art as an NFT and auction it

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