The Qualys Ransomware Risk Assessment Service aims to thwart potential attacks

Free for the first 60 days, the new service is designed to help you better understand your organization’s exposure to ransomware and automate the steps needed to mitigate risk.

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Organizations working on the threat of Ransomware New tools can now be used to better identify vulnerable methods to attacks. Available from October 5th. Qualys Ransomware Risk Assessment Service It is designed to identify and track the data and other assets that are most vulnerable to ransomware threats. Security vulnerabilities match the available patches that can be deployed directly using Qualys’ Zero Touch Patch Tool.

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Cybercriminals prefer to exploit known security holes to launch attacks and compromise critical assets. However, organizations often keep up with the latest patches, putting systems, data, and networks at risk. The goal behind the ransomware risk assessment is to provide a way to track the most vulnerable assets, identify the required security patches, and deploy those patches.

Based on research and knowledge from the Qualys research team, ransomware risk assessment tools provide the following important details and features:

  • View of assets for the Internet exposed to ransomware due to vulnerabilities or misconfigurations.
  • A list of assets that are affected by each security vulnerability or misconfiguration.
  • An overview of all unpatched vulnerabilities.
  • Recommendations for the most critical vulnerabilities to focus on.
  • Ability to track and measure effectiveness in responding to vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.
  • CISA best practices To prevent ransomware attacks.

Qualys Ransomware Risk Assessment Service.

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Patch management itself is a major challenge for many organizations as it struggles to address all security vulnerabilities that affect their assets. According to a Qualys study, it can take an average of 194 days for a user to install a patch for a ransomware-related flaw.

Once you have identified vulnerable assets using risk assessment tools, Qualys Zero Touch Patch A tool that offers its own 60-day free trial. This service provides an automatic patching feature that helps you quickly respond to known vulnerabilities.

“Ransomware risk is paramount to CISOs who are no longer happy with retroactive tools and general guidelines,” Qualys CEO and President Sumedh Thakar said in a press release. “They are looking for actionable information to proactively mitigate risk. The Qualys security team has extensively researched past ransomware attacks and guidance from CISA, MS-ISAC and NIST and standardized on it. We’ve put it into action with a targeted and practical plan to allow companies to proactively modify it to stay ahead of ransomware. Attack and mitigate overall risk. “

As part of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Qualys offers a free ransomware risk assessment tool for the first 60 days. To sign up for a 60-day free trial Qualys Ransomware Risk Assessment Online Form.. Beyond the 60-day trial period, the cost of service depends on the quantity and number of assets. Contact Qualys directly For pricing and other details.

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