The OnePlus Pad trademark refers to the company’s tablet plan

OnePlus seems to be working on or thinking about working on tablets that come with a range of mobile phones and wearables.

Earlier this year, the company registered the term “OnePlus Pad” as a trademark within the European Union. list First discovered MySmartPrice.. Filing hasn’t revealed much else, and by itself there is no guarantee that the company is actually planning to release the tablet soon, but at least it does indicate the idea of ​​moving to that space. ..

I contacted OnePlus about the trademark. I will update this article if I get a reply.

In recent years, OnePlus has gone beyond the focus of lasers on flagship smartphones to offer a number of high-tech products.First, I created my own brand Bullet earphones, Before Unexpectedly enter the TV market..This year we released OnePlus Watch after before Spike fitness band all the time in 2014, And now there’s a full range of smartphones for every budget, from cheap and hilarious OnePlus Nord N10 5G All the way to OnePlus 9 Pro..

However, the tablet market is notorious for being difficult to crack using iPad makers, especially if it’s not Apple. Eat more than 30% of the market on your own.. Since then, Samsung, Lenovo, Amazon and Huawei have shared the remaining about 45%, leaving less than 25% of the market to everyone else.

That’s why it’s hard to know where OnePlus is best served in tablet space. Is the company better off fighting Amazon’s Fire HD in budget space, or is it better to chase Apple and Samsung in the world with high-end products? And what exactly can OnePlus bring to form factors, which haven’t received much attention in recent innovations?

We have to wait and see. The company’s entry into the smartwatch space was certainly hurt, but the OnePlus Watch, including us, received a totally half-hearted review. “Nowhere else can we find the positive ideas and attention to detail that came to define the company’s smartphone,” lamented Buyer’s Advice Editor Thomas Deehan. OnePlus Watch Review..

Hopefully, if OnePlus enters the market, tablets will do better. The OnePlus Pad trademark refers to the company’s tablet plan

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