The Nixie system uses drones for more efficient water sampling

Municipalities need to regularly check for pollution of local waterways and often utilize the crew of boat workers. The new Nixie system aims to make things much faster, easier, and ultimately cheaper, using water sampling drones instead.

Developed by New York-based startup ReignMaker, the hardware side of the setup consists of a pole-like Nixie Base sampling device with a docking mechanism at the top and a 500 ml (16.9 oz) water collection bottle. I will. Lockable holder at the bottom.Designed to work with DJI, which is provided and operated by the client Matrice 600 Or Matrice 300 RTK Multicopter Drone – For an additional fee, the company offers pilots and drones.

In both scenarios, the drone operator starts by placing the helicopter on top of another land worker. Workers install the base on the undercarriage of an unmodified aircraft. To install, pull down on the lever at the bottom of the base to open the docking mechanism, make sure the mechanism is properly engaged with the drone, then release the lever to close and secure.

When this is done, the drone will be blown above the body of water and the base will protrude vertically below it. The pilot then lowers the aircraft so that the collection bottle sinks 2 feet (0.6 m) below the surface. Then fly the drone to the shore, where you take out the full bottle and replace the empty bottle. Next sample.

Workers prepare to attach the Nixie base to the DJI M600 drone

Reign maker

According to the company, each sample can be collected and returned within 3 minutes with a current of up to 5 knots. In addition, the included app can track the GPS coordinates that each sample was taken, so subsequent samples can be taken from exactly the same location.

“The New York Environmental Protection Agency alone collects 14,000 water quality samples annually, using boats, captains and three crew members to collect 30 samples a day, with an average cost of $ 100 per sample.” Reign Maker CEO Jessica Chosid said. “With Nixie, two crew members can collect 120 samples in the same 7-hour shift, at a low cost of $ 10 per dip.”

Nixie Base is currently available for pre-order for $ 850. Advanced models are also under development, not only collecting water samples, but also actually analyzing them. And, of course, there are drone costs to consider – depending on the market, both the DJI Matrice 600 and the Matrice 300 RTK will return buyers at least US $ 6,500.

Source: Nixie The Nixie system uses drones for more efficient water sampling

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