The new real-time platform chain of trust provides the system platform with an entire chain of trust

Microchip’s TrustShield family provides end-to-end solutions to protect data centers, communications, and networking systems from rapidly evolving security threats.

As market needs for security evolve, platforms need to evolve rapidly to protect against cyberattacks at boot time, in real time, and during system updates. Due to these new market threats, designers cannot assume that the equipment they are using is reliable and must start looking for new technologies to protect their systems. Microchip Technology Inc. announces a fully configurable microcontroller base CEC1736 The TrustShield family solves this challenge by surpassing the NIST 800-193 Platform Firmware Restore Guidelines with runtime firmware protection that secures the secure boot process while establishing the entire chain of trust for the system platform.

The CEC1736 solution extends Microchip’s products to ensure cyber resilience of end devices. This is the trust root of a fully configurable real-time platform, enabling runtime firmware protection with SPI Flash and I.2C / SMBus filtering for runtime attacks. The Attestation feature provides reliable evidence to verify that the critical devices in the platform are genuine. Lifecycle management and ownership transfer capabilities protect confidentiality throughout the lifecycle of the final product and during product ownership transfer, ensuring that various operators can safely use the system platform without compromising information. ..

Ian Harris, Vice President of Microchip’s Computing Products Business Unit, said: “Our CEC1736 TrustShield family provides a complete solution to these challenges, reducing time to market and providing threat-ahead flexibility while simplifying key and other secret development and provisioning. increase.”

The CEC1736 Trust Shield family of advanced hardware cipher suites includes AES-256, SHA-512, RSA-4096, ECC with key sizes up to 571 bits, and Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithms with 384 bit key lengths (ECDSA). ) Is equipped.

Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) on 384-bit hardware enables the generation and protection of unique root and symmetric private keys and private keys. Highly trusted roots and security solutions that comply with NIST 800-193 and OCP security guidelines enable you to quickly adopt the latest security advances and standards.

Microchip’s CEC1736 TrustShield family spans silicon, software, tools, development boards, and provisioning capabilities that drive end-to-end platform firmware protection for customers.

Security is a matter of business continuity, consumer privacy and national security, so it’s everyone’s responsibility to ensure security, “says Kudelski IoT, a leader in IoT security. Frédéric Thomas, Chief of Technology, said. “Microchip has taken important steps to ensure that the CEC1736 Trust Shield family is robust against advanced attack methods and is working together to evaluate the hardware individually in an advanced security lab. This gives Microchip customers the peace of mind that they are using safe, state-of-the-art microcontrollers that contribute to the overall security of the connected world. “

Development tools

Microchip’s easy-to-use development tools for the CEC1736 Trust Shield family are Trust Platform Design, a graphical user interface (GUI) configurator for exploring features, defining security configurations, and provisioning secrets for prototyping and production. It starts with Suite (TPDS). Microchip MPLAB® Harmony, a fully integrated embedded software development framework, simplifies device setup, library selection, and application development. For other support, CEC1736 Development Committee..


The CEC1736 Trust Shield family is now available, including the CEC173696MHz arm® cortex®-84-pin WFBGA packaged M4-based microcontroller. The family also includes Microchip’s proven Soteria-G3 firmware, CEC1736 development board, and Microchip’s Trust Platform Design Suite (TPDS) for component configuration, provisioning, and programming.

Development boards are now available:

  • CEC1736 Development Board (EV19K07A – $ 399.00)

For more information, contact your Microchip sales representative, an authorized global distributor, or visit the Microchip website. To purchase the products listed here Purchase portal Alternatively, contact your Microchip Authorized Distributor. The new real-time platform chain of trust provides the system platform with an entire chain of trust

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