The Most Popular College Majors Are Not the Highest Paying – Study Finds These Degrees Earn the Highest

(NEXSTAR) – A recent study found that salaries vary widely by field of study when choosing a college major.

Founded by former Obama administration Department of Education official Michael Itzkowitz, HEA Group compared Department of Education data to find out what students averaged in salaries four years after graduating with a bachelor’s degree. bottom.

“We hope our data will be useful to anyone considering going to college. It will be worth it wherever students attend and whatever field of study they choose to pursue.” It’s important to go home knowing there is,” Itzkovitz said. tweeted.

The study found that some of the most popular college bachelor’s degrees don’t necessarily lead to high-paying jobs.a washington post Nearly two in five U.S. college graduates regret their major choice, nearly half of all humanities and arts graduates, according to the report.

In fact, only three of the top 10 most popular majors have an average salary above $50,00: Business Administration, Registered Nurse, and Accounting. Teacher education and professional development were the lowest-paid majors in the group.

Highest paying major

An interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) is helpful for those who want a more competitive undergraduate degree. Four of his highest-earning degrees (Operational Studies, Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering, Computer Science and Marine Transportation) have average salaries over his $100,000, followed by Computer Engineering ($99,063).

Operations Research, the highest paying major, had an average salary of $112,097.

Veterinary Medicine ($97,533) rounded out the top ten. Petroleum Engineering ($96,957). Systems Engineering ($95,224). Pharmacy, Pharmacy and Administration ($94,136). Electrical, Electronic and Communication Engineering ($91,693).

Students may want to consider certificate programs that typically take just six to 18 months to complete and offer “very competitive salaries above associate and bachelor’s degrees,” the study found. showed.

The highest-paying credentialing program, Computer Science/Research graduates earned an average of over $65,000 four years after graduation.

The HEA report “provides a great starting point for students and families considering post-secondary school decisions,” Itzkowitz said. CBS. “Knowing the majors and colleges they are considering applying to gives us information about how much they can earn within a few years of graduation.”

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