The legendary racing series wipeout is back in a mobile idol game

It’s been a few years Last wipeout gameSo fans may be happy to hear that there is a new title along the way. However, Wipe splash It’s quite different from what long-term fans expect. This is a card-based mobile game where you manage a team of competitors instead of controlling the anti-gravity ship directly.

“If you want that built-in, immersive and intense racing experience, you’ll find yourself waiting at the PlayStation,” said Matt Casamassina, CEO of developer Rogue Games. .. “But at the same time, we’re excited to rethink mobile wipeouts with fun new play mechanics and gorgeous visuals.”

Wipe splash It has more than 60 ships from the whole wipe out series. The single-player campaign includes 12 championship cups in five environments with unique tracks and a comic-style visual story. There is also an electronica soundtrack by Sony’s longtime composer Alastair Lindsay. It can be played at a maximum of 60 frames / second.

Experienced players may not have expected a complete wipe-out experience. PS5, But it could start a resurgence of the series that was part of PlayStation’s DNA for more than a quarter of a century. Wipe splash It will hit iOS and Android in early 2022.

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