The leaked Surface Pro 8 looks great, but it’s still not an iPad Pro killer

Opinion: I have to say, I was impressed Surface Pro 8 leak. I thought Microsoft’s new hybrid PC would just update the processor, List of leaked retailers It shows that more important upgrades are possible, such as a 120Hz refresh rate, dual Thunderbolt ports, and replaceable SSD hard drives.

As a result, the specifications of Surface Pro are changed. iPad Pro..For example, Apple is proud of that promotion (120Hz) Technology has been around for quite some time, and nowadays iPhone 13Therefore, offering a similar upgrade would be a big move from Microsoft.

A 120Hz refresh rate should ensure a smoother scrolling and a more comfortable viewing experience. Mobile expert Max Parker sees that it makes a big difference. We also expect Microsoft to raise the frame rate limit for the Xbox Cloud Gaming service. This is because it can help improve the performance of games streamed through the Game Pass, which is wishful thinking.

It’s great to see Microsoft finally add Lightning strike Support too. The company shouldn’t be praised exactly for appearing late at the party, but it’s still a great addition that wipes out some of the benefits of the iPad Pro.

And there is a replaceable SSD hard drive. Not surprising given that Microsoft has added this feature. Surface Laptop 4However, this is a rare feature that Apple does not currently offer on the iPad Pro.

But that’s definitely where the benefits end. Comparing the rumored Surface Pro 8 specs to the existing iPad Pro, I’m really struggling to find more features that make me want to buy a Microsoft tablet than an Apple product.

Of course, it’s great that Microsoft is moving to Intel’s 11th generation processor for the Surface Pro 8, but we already know that we can’t compete with that power. Apple M1 A chip that beat Intel in a benchmark test comparison.

Apple has also upgraded the iPad Pro screen Mini LED Technology that improves tablet image quality by improving contrast and color accuracy. There’s no doubt that Microsoft will be introducing OLED panels to the Surface Pro 8 this week, but it’s unlikely because there are few rumors about this.

Of course, it’s important to remember that Apple’s Pro tablets are more expensive. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro starts at £ 999, but the rumored 13-inch Surface Pro 8 is expected to cost around £ 799. Alternatively, you could opt for the 11-inch iPad Pro, which weighs only 749 pounds, but you’ll lose a few inches of screen space. Personally, the deal is okay as there are many better features.

With all that in mind, I can’t help but feel that Microsoft has missed the opportunity to bring something a little more exciting to the Surface Pro 8. It’s an OLED panel, 5G connectivity, and even more left fielders. Maybe Microsoft is still aceing ahead of this week’s Surface event-it might be related to Windows 11-but I don’t see it jump over Apple anytime soon.

What do you think? Consider buying a Surface Pro 8 instead of an iPad Pro?Please let us know by sending a message to twitter.. Also, keep an eye out for credible reviews for the latest information on future Surface releases. The leaked Surface Pro 8 looks great, but it’s still not an iPad Pro killer

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