The iPad Pro with glass back has been reported to have been canceled due to its vulnerability.

Apple hasn’t made a great start to the new year.The first month was barely complete and in addition to the previously reported company AR headsets Postponed until 2023, I came across information that the company’s first iPad Pro with a glass back could be cancelled. Apparently, durability was a big concern.

The iPad Pro’s Glass Back would have allowed the tablet to support wireless charging.

Some Apple products support Qi wireless charging, and past reports have shown that the company is looking for ways to bring this feature to the iPad Pro. Unfortunately, people familiar with Apple’s plans report that future tablets with glass backs may not be a viable option, not because they’re too expensive or impractical. , Its durability is awkward.

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The iPad Pro with an aluminum shell can easily get a second life opportunity by dropping it or landing it on the back, while the iPad Pro with a glass panel on the back is a miracle to survive. Is required. Incorporating glass into the iPad Pro makes the slate more compatible with the MagSafe Charger, but heavier. Apple is currently charging a whopping $ 599 for “out of warranty” repairs on the iPhone 13 Pro Max glass bag, so imagine the cost of an iPad Pro glass bag if you accidentally drop it.

Although this variant is reportedly obsolete, Apple is still looking for other ways to bring wireless charging to the iPad Pro. For example, some prototypes developed by the company have a large Apple logo on the back and are made of glass. This change allows power to be transmitted through the material. Since the MagSafe Charger magnetically connects to the iPad Pro, Apple is also looking for ways to incorporate stronger magnets to prevent accidents.

This particular iPad Pro charges faster than an iPhone when plugged into a MagSafe accessory. It’s aesthetically pleasing to see glassbacks appearing in such a huge product, but assuming you’ve scrapped this variant, Apple’s view of things is understandable.

News source: 9to5Mac The iPad Pro with glass back has been reported to have been canceled due to its vulnerability.

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