The FTC is reportedly investigating Meta’s VR business for antitrust violations – TechCrunch

Following news of FTC’s antitrust proceedings against Meta Cleared a serious hurdle Earlier this week, the agency also seems to have a keen interest in the company’s VR business.

Bloomberg Report The FTC and several state attorney generals are investigating Meta’s virtual reality department for “potential anti-competitive practices.” New York is reportedly leading a state-level survey, chatting with external software developers creating apps for the Meta VR experience.

State and federal authorities are investigating how companies may have engaged in anti-competitive behavior to curb competition in the VR market. Authorities were also interested in how the company could subsidize the price of the Quest 2 VR headset to push it to consumers and eliminate competition, according to Bloomberg.

The fact that the FTC delves into Meta’s app store, hardware, and software practices could be a groundbreaking antitrust proceeding that defines the next era of Internet business. It suggests that it’s not just an acquisition.

During December information FTC reported that it is considering the acquisition of Meta’s proposed VR fitness app, Supernatural, in a transaction worth more than $ 400 million.

Earlier this week, the judge decided that FTC’s major antitrust proceedings against Facebook (owned by parent company Meta) could continue and abandoned the company’s efforts to thwart them. During December Facebook asked court to dismiss proceedings He called on FTC Chair Lina Khan, who supports the dissolution of Big Tech, to resign herself.

In the proceedings, FTC accused Facebook of abusing market power to crush its rivals in the social media space and asked the judge to sell Instagram and WhatsApp to its parent company Meta.

“But the facts alleged this time to reinforce these theories are much more robust and detailed than before, especially with respect to the contours of the defendant’s alleged monopoly,” the US district said. Judge James Bosburg wrote.

“… Agencies may face difficult challenges in proving their allegations, but the court now believes it may meet the criteria for action and proceed to discovery. “ The FTC is reportedly investigating Meta’s VR business for antitrust violations – TechCrunch

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