The DevOps Excellence Awards are back in 2023!

We are happy to announce the long awaited comeback DevOps Excellence Award.

These awards represent outstanding achievements from organizations, personalities, and solutions that have successfully applied DevOps methodologies.

The benefits of DevOps are widely recognized across industries, bringing agility, innovation and resilience to any business. But workflow implementation and, just as importantly, culture remains an issue. Our approach to DevOps continues to evolve.

DevOps not only connects development and operations teams, but also delivers value to customers, recognizes the human side of collaboration and communication, and how it can enhance areas of the business beyond traditional technical teams. It’s also about understanding.

The DevOps Excellence Awards recognize and celebrate the best in every organization, team, individual, product, and tool. With a variety of categories covering all stages of progress across the industry, everyone has a chance to participate and celebrate their successes.

The 2023 Awards will feature 21 categories, including DevOps Team of the Year, Best DevOps Security Tools, DevOps Project of the Year, and DevOps Tool/Product of the Year.

Entries for next year’s awards are open now and will close on Friday, January 13th. Get your entry in time to be hailed as a true DevOps innovator.

The 2023 winners will be announced at a special awards ceremony in London on Thursday 23rd March. This is the perfect opportunity to reward your team’s hard work.

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https://www.computing.co.uk/news/4056301/devops-excellence-awards-2023 The DevOps Excellence Awards are back in 2023!

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