The Biden administration reviews whether Trump’s proposed DHS employment spree was really needed

The Biden administration is in the process of considering a staffing strategy pursued by the Department of Homeland Security under President Trump, and by implementing an evaluation authority, the Department of Homeland Security’s workforce will be operational. He said it could better meet his needs.

The Trump administration was unable to identify the staffing requirements required for border security under federal law. report Published this week, despite the former president’s order to hire thousands of agents. Currently, the Biden administration is trying to reinvent the process used to determine the DHS workforce needs. We are developing our own system to determine the staffing requirements of Customs and Border Protection and creating a new staffing model.

CBP completed the model last month, government officials told GAO, which is currently being considered by leaders.

President Biden proposes discretionary spending in 2022 preview Last week, it proposed an overall 16% increase at the Department of Homeland Security’s discretion, but did not include a component-level funding proposal at DHS. The sector was the only major institution in the blueprint, its funding was essentially flat, and there was a proposal to freeze its budget effectively at $ 52 billion. The White House proposed $ 1.2 billion for “border infrastructure,” but did not mention employment as part of its plan.

The only mention of CBP and Immigration and Customs officials in the budget preview is “to ensure proper investigation of complaints filed against their workforce, including those related to white supremacy. It was a proposal for a 22% surge in funding at the Expert Responsibilities of both agencies, or ideological and non-ideological beliefs. ”CBP then launched an internal investigation. ProPublica 2019 Exposure A Facebook group where employees post racist, sexist, xenophobic content and then discipline a few workers.

Parliament in 2017 mandated that the DHS’Border Security Improvement Plan include details of staffing requirements, but GAO found that the plan issued a few years later did not contain the information. Did. CBP officials said conducting such an assessment was “the process was considered too long” and chose not to go through it. Parliamentary requirements followed Trump’s order for the CBP to hire 5,000 additional border guards and ICE to embark 10,000 executives. DHS inspectors repeatedly made mistakes with the Department of Homeland Security for the following reasons: Fail To Justify Determination of its staffing.

Eventually, Congress prevented Trump from achieving his stated DHS employment goals.The department was forced Cancel Multiple Agreement The aim was to bring outside help to embark thousands of personnel due to unsuccessful results. The DHS has been struggling to maintain proper staffing for years, consistently below the various mandated floors of Congress, but authorities have lost more during Trump’s term. He said he eventually started hiring many employees.

A review of CBP’s “staffing process” and its new staffing model by the Biden administration tailored workforce levels “to match current and future operational needs,” government officials told GAO. Leadership has made it clear that it will approve the recommendations made as part of the review. CBP and DHS refused to comment in time for the story.

Mark Morgan, who temporarily led the border guard under President Obama and both ICE and CBP under Trump, said that leadership “injects a huge amount of resources” in determining workforce needs. He defended the previous administration’s approach to staff modeling. He said CBP evaluated the volume of vehicles and planes entering ports of entry, immigration patterns, technological advances, and other factors to determine the appropriate number of employees across the country.

“We didn’t just raise the numbers and say,’OK, that’s great,'” Morgan said, adding that he regularly announced justifications during the budgeting and budgeting process. It was. “All of that is being challenged. All of that is questioned.”

He explained that all federal agencies should reassess their human needs and are constantly reassessing them, and warned the Biden administration in particular about targeting immigrants and border agencies. .. He called the current system “quite effective,” but admitted that it could be tweaked.

“I’m not saying it’s perfect,” Morgan said. “I’m not saying it can’t be improved.”

Elsewhere in DHS, Biden has proposed a $ 345 million budget increase, primarily for paid US Citizenship and Immigration Services. The White House said the money would allow USCIS, which had been operating under a job freeze for several months at the end of the Trump administration, to handle the unhandled portion of an ever-growing number of cases. He also demanded a surge in funding to continue hiring cybersecurity professionals. The Biden administration reviews whether Trump’s proposed DHS employment spree was really needed

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