The best student discounts we found in 2021

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They say your college days are the best in your life. But they tend to omit the part you’re looking for all the dollars for textbooks, food, and (if you’re lucky) occasional weekend outings with friends. Money is tight when you are a student, and its financial stress can be exacerbated by the reality of having to stay on top of your research.

If you have a silver lining, it’s a student discount. Many companies offer products and services at less cost to those who struggle with lectures, writing research treatises, and studying for the finals. We’ve put together a list of great deals on useful services and what you can enjoy during downtime. Please note that most of these offers require you to prove your status as a student by signing up with your .edu email address or by providing your student ID in some form.

Amazon Prime Student

If you’re not piggybacking on your parents’ Amazon Prime account subscription At less cost while you are in school. College students can earn a Prime Student for $ 6.50 per month or $ 60 per year. This includes the same benefits as a standard Prime membership, including two days of free shipping, free same-day delivery in some regions, and access to the entire Prime Video library. .. Amazon now also offers a 6-month free trial, which makes it even cheaper for the first year.

Buy Prime Student on Amazon-$ 60 / year

Best buy

We do not offer specific student discounts, but Best Buy Student discount You can sign up to receive. Other than demonstrating student status, the only requirement is to be a member of My Best Buy. You can register for the program for free. In fact, most people are encouraged to sign up for My Best Buy, especially as some items for sale throughout the site are even cheaper for members.All student transactions are in the account[メンバーオファー]It will be displayed on the page.

Sign up for student discounts with Best Buy


Apple We offer some great deals to students and educators. Especially this year, when you buy a hand-picked Mac or iPad for college, Apple will launch a free pair of AirPods. You can get AirPods with a regular wired charging case for free. Or you can upgrade to an AirPods with a wireless charging case for an additional $ 40. Or you can get an AirPods Pro for an additional $ 90. Apple knows how popular AirPods are and obviously wants to spoil the deal for students who were thinking about getting a new computer before going to college.

The AirPods promotion also includes Apple education pricing on Mac and iPad. There is no fixed percentage for all products. Discounts vary by device. For example, students now get the new MacBook Air M1 for $ 899.This is $ 100 cheaper than the regular starting price (Amazon’s) Match this price,Also). The 13-inch MacBook Pro is also $ 100 cheaper, and the new iPad Pro is $ 749, or $ 50 cheaper than usual. If you need a brand new Apple product, these are decent savings, but if you’re on a tight budget, you should also consider Apple’s replay program.

Buy Apple New Semester Promotions


Samsung is the biggest 10% off Most of its products are for students and educators.The brand also has some decent offers like “Speed ​​and Storage” bundle It includes two Samsung drives for less than $ 300. If necessary, we recommend using it on high-value items such as Samsung laptops and Galaxy smartphones to maximize the 10% discount as much as possible.Otherwise, Samsung has solid accessories such as: Galaxy Smart Tag And that Galaxy Watch Active 2..

Buy Samsung New Semester Promotions


Microsoft is also the largest for students and educators 10% off Already affordable gadgets such as the Surface Go 2 and Surface Headphones 2. Microsoft’s online store not only sells Surface devices, but also sells Windows PCs such as Lenovo, HP, and Acer at discounted prices.

Buy Microsoft New Semester Promotions



Spotify Premium Student Plan You can do a lot for just $ 5 a month. In addition to access to millions of songs, it also includes Hulu’s ad support plan and Showtime’s ad-free service. If you paid all three separately at the full price, you would spend about $ 27 a month and let this student offer you one of the best you can get.

Buy Spotify Premium Students-$ 5 / Month


Pandora also tells students that Premium member $ 5 per month. Pandora’s services do not include any additional services, but they offer an ad-free experience, personalized music, unlimited skips, and unlimited offline playback.

Buy Pandora Premium Students-$ 5 / Month

Apple Music

Apple will also cut that 50 percent Apple Music Student subscription for $ 5 per month. This offer is available for up to 48 months, so you can enjoy the price of your entire college experience. In addition, the company bundles Apple TV + with this student offer, so you can see Apple originals such as The Morning Show and See.

Buy Apple Music Student Membership-$ 5 / Month


Tidal provides Student discount With both premium and Hi-Fi streaming services. Premiums are reduced from $ 10 to $ 5 per month, and Hi-Fi charges are reduced from $ 20 to $ 10 per month.This year, the company 3-month free trial Providing any service to new users by the end of August. Tidal is still often hidden behind Spotify and Apple Music, but these discounts are a good way to try it out without spending too much money.

Buy Tidal Student from $ 10 per month


College students can sign up Hulu Advertising Support Plan Only $ 2 a month. That’s $ 4 cheaper than the regular price, which is a fair amount considering all the content Hulu offers (think). The Handmaid’s Story, Grey’s Anatomy, Rick & Morty More).Yes, you have to deal with commercials, but it’s a small price to pay for a glance show like this Brooklyn Nine Nine, When drowning in course work, it can provide the long-awaited laugh.

Buy Hulu (Advertising Support)-$ 2 / Month


If you’re already spending a lot of time watching YouTube, YouTube Premium may be better. Student plan With nearly 50% less price, you’ll pay $ 7 per month to watch ad-free videos, play in the background, download videos, and access YouTube Premium Music. The latter is YouTube’s attempt at Spotify / Apple Music rivals, but there’s a long way to go before these services are actually available. However, if you’re already listening to most of your music on YouTube, Premium could be a one-stop shop for music and video streaming.

Buy YouTube Premium Student-$ 7 / Month


Being a student can be stressful at best, but now it’s even harder to focus and find peace. Headspace Is just one of the many meditation and mindfulness apps available to help with that, but the student discounts are very good. $ 10 a year, $ 60 less than a regular annual membership. In addition to a large library of meditation lessons and routines to follow, Headspace recently added SleepCasts. This is a collection of soothing voices to help you read your bedtime stories and fall asleep, and is a “careful” training routine.

Buy Headspace Student Plan-$ 10 / Year

Adobe Creative Cloud

You are probably using Adobe products If you are studying something related to digital art or design. Adobe CC is the industry standard in this area, but the entire program suite is very expensive at $ 53 per month. Thankfully, Adobe has set an education price for students, reducing the entire Creative Suite to $ 20 per month for the first year. This includes large programs such as Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, Lightroom CC, Premiere Pro CC, and Adobe XD.

After the first year, the monthly cost will increase to $ 30 per month. Not ideal, but more affordable for students than industry professionals.If you’re not tied to an Adobe program, you can also consider Affinity photo, designer And the publisher Serif apps that compete with Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign ($ 50 each on Mac or Windows versions).

Buy Adobe CC-$ 20 / month

Ableton Live

Students can get regardless of whether you are studying music production 40% off Ableton Live Standard or suite as long as you are registered full time.It brings Live 11 Standards up to $ 269, suites up to $ 449 — big discounts on some of the best music software currently available.

Buy Ableton Live from $ 269

Microsoft 365

Must be used by many students Microsoft 365 Tools on a regular basis. Even if your university doesn’t provide you with an account, you can still get Microsoft 365 for free with your company’s student and educator discounts. This gives you free access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and even Microsoft Teams. This is a good deal considering that the annual subscription costs $ 100.

Get Microsoft 365


It’s even more frustrating to spend day and night writing papers if you don’t have all your writings in one place. Ulysses Is a popular writing app for mac / iOS that can be used for note-taking and treatise writing, with features such as auto-save and auto-backup, word count goals, markup, plain text support, and DropBox integration. Ulysses usually cost $ 40 a year, but students can only get it for $ 11 every six months, or $ 22 a year. There is no direct alternative for Windows users, but they have the following options: Scrivener (One-time student price is $ 41.65), IA writer (One-time price $ 20) and FocusWriter (Free and open source).

Buy Ulysses-$ 22 / year


Evernote is an indispensable tool if you want to put all your thoughts in one place, from class notes to web crops to to-do lists.Students can get half price for one year Evernote premium, This will reduce the price to $ 4 per month, or $ 48 per year.Premium is How to go If you’re investing in Evernote because you can sync notes across unlimited devices, provide offline access, annotate PDFs, and search stored documents.

Buy Evernote Premium (1 year)-$ 4-monthly

Squarespace Student Plan

Whether you want to start your portfolio right away or need online space to show off your work, Squarespace This is a good option as one of the annual plans will get a 50% discount. The most affordable option costs $ 72 a year. That’s half the normal annual price of $ 144. Squarespace is one of the many website builders out there, but it’s especially popular with creative professionals. Its customizable templates make it easy to build your website and display it the way you want. In addition, you can upgrade in the future to add website analytics, custom JavaScript and CSS, e-commerce, and more.

Buy Squarespace from $ 72 a year


Keeping up with the news was always important, but not as important as it is now. Yes, it’s sometimes daunting, and when it’s published, we don’t expect (or encourage) you to inhale all the latest news headlines. But it is very important to know what is happening in the country and in the world as a whole. Here are some of the reputable news organizations that offer student discounts on their monthly or annual subscription plans.

Atlantic: From $ 25 per year for digital-only access.

New York Times: $ 4 every 4 weeks for basic subscription.

Washington post: $ 5 every 4 weeks for digital-only access.

The Wall Street Journal: From $ 4 per month for Student Digital Pack. The best student discounts we found in 2021

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