The best RAAL loadout in Call of Duty: Warzone

The latest weapons added to Call of Duty: War Zone It’s unique. Technically, it is RAALL MG, which is a weapon that has actually appeared in the game since December 2020. At that time, it was displayed throughout the map as a floor route before it was mysteriously deleted. But now it’s back with the ability to customize it to your liking. It’s an LMG, so it’s not best to look at it up close, but there are some different loadouts you can try to meet your needs.

Sadly, RAAL isn’t particularly great compared to other LMGs and assault rifles. It’s hard to recommend because it doesn’t have the most competitive time (TTK) to kill and it’s slow. Still, if you’re a seasoned player who wants to try something new, it can be fun to use. This is not the most practical weapon and is not recommended for beginners.Nonetheless, these are the best RAAL loadouts to use with Call of Duty: War Zone..

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RAAL overview

By comparison, RAAL is not the best choice. If you look closely, you can lose most of your shootouts with someone using an SMG, but in the midrange it’s probably better than any other assault rifle. You can seize the opportunity while using RAAL from a distance, but there are still some other options that are excellent in almost every respect.according to TrueGameData, RAAL is most effective at about 40 meters and is superior to meta long range options such as the Stoner 63 and Crig 6. Still, FARA 83 and EM2 are better options in these ranges, so it’s hard to find a reason to use RAAL.

Still, it can be fun if you’re looking for something else, so it’s a good idea to try using RAAL. Below are some of the best RAAL loadouts to use.

Ideal for long range shooting

muzzle RAAL mono core
Barrel 32.0 inch RAAL line breaker
Optics VLK3.0x optic
Under barrel FFS diagonal
ammunition 150 round belt

Since RAAL is an LMG, it should be used primarily over long distances. As mentioned above, engaging at about 40 meters gives the best results, so the above recommended attachments are suitable when creating weapons in such situations. Keep in mind that this will slow down the setup. Therefore, do not expect to run around immediately during use. Instead, you should carefully consider your shots, keeping in mind a slow-paced playstyle.

Start with RAAL Monocore Muzzle. This is basically the equivalent of an agency suppressor or monolithic. Of course, this allows you to reduce noise while improving the range of your weapon at the expense of aiming downsight (ADS) speed and aiming gait stability. Since this is a long range build, ADS speed is not as important as the damage range. Then add a 32.0-inch RAAL line breaker to improve damage range, bullet speed, and recoil control. These boosts help ensure these long range removals are much easier. Also, if you’re slowing down your weapon, it’s fine if it’s posted so that the target is clearly visible.

A typical remote build would require you to use VLK 3.0x Optic, which is also true here. This gives you enough magnification to align the targets, even if they are more than 100 meters apart. If this is too slow, you can switch to lower magnification optics such as the Corp Combat HoloSight. This is a remote build, so avoid using IronSight. Also, don’t forget to set the reticle as you like.

Then use the same FFS diagonal underbarrel as the PKM snatch grip. This improves recoil control. This is ideal for long distances, but it can also help increase ADS speed and offset other slow attachments. Finish the build with 150 round belt ammo and make sure you have enough ammo to get rid of these long range targets. Keep in mind that the farther the target is, the more bullets you will need to eliminate the target, so more ammo is a good idea.

This version of RAAL is up close and terrible, so you’ll need to bring either an SMG or a shotgun with you so that you can cover the base. The benefits you bring must be standard. A quick fix in slot 1, a ghost / overkill in slot 2, and an amped slot 3. Depending on your playstyle, there’s a bit of room for deviation, but in most cases it’s a perk we always recommend.

As for equipment, you can bring a throwing knife to quickly and easily finish a downed player without increasing ammo. This can save your life, especially in close range situations. And, as always, a heartbeat sensor or stun is a great tactical equipment option.

Great for speed

muzzle Tactical suppressor
Barrel 20.0 inch RAAL tri-fold light
laser Tuck laser
stock Folded stock
ammunition 50 round belt

Sure, the previously recommended builds may be too late for your taste. In that case, it’s a good idea to try the lighter version of the weapon, which is most often used in closer situations. This isn’t very accurate in range, but you can move and snap to the target quickly.

In this build, you’ll replace the muzzle with a tactical suppressor. This allows suppression, but reduces the ADS penalty. The damage range is not so important as this weapon is used in the midrange. Similarly, you need to switch to the 20.0 inch RAAL Tri-fold Lite Barrel. This attachment speeds up the ADS and makes it more practical for medium range use. However, keep in mind that this attachment does not improve recoil or bullet speed.

Then you really need to skip the use of Optic in this build so that you can prioritize other attachments. Use a Tac laser instead. This improves ADS speed, aiming stability and walking stability. With this, the weapon feels lighter. By the way, I recommend using FoldedStock in this build to improve movement speed as well as ADS speed. This has a negative effect on recoil control, but it’s not too much of a problem when used in the midrange. For the final attachment, we’ll use 50 round belt ammo to improve ADS speed, slightly improve sprint to rate of fire, move, and reload speed (but not as much as we want). ).

Overall, this build is less accurate, but it’s more effective in midrange battles because it can run ADS much faster. By default, controlling RAAL isn’t too difficult, so if you’re a proficient person, you’ll find this loadout to be effective. From here, continue to use the same benefits and equipment recommended above.

The best all-round

Warzone RAALL MG.
muzzle RAAL mono core
Barrel 26.0 inch RAAL line breaker
laser Tuck laser
Optics Corp Combat Holo Sight
Benefits Sleight of hand

The last recommended build we’ll cover here is a more practical and versatile build. This is halfway between the previous two setups, and you can see that it maintains some speed while maintaining its effectiveness from a distance.

Start by returning to the RAAL Monocore Muzzle to extend the damage range and keep it suppressed. It is important to have this attachment when using the weapon from a distance. After that, it is recommended to use the 26.0 inch RAAL line breaker barrel. This allows you to improve bullet speed without penalizing ADS speed as much as a 32.0 inch RAAL line breaker. This is a happy medium that works well at medium to long distances.

It is highly recommended to use TacLaser in this build to maintain movement speed. This offsets the downsides of the RAAL monocore and the 26.0 inch RAAL line breaker, increasing ADS speed, increasing stability and improving walking stability. You’ll then need to use some kind of Optic, but don’t choose one that zooms too far, as you’ll be using this loadout more in the midrange. Something like the Corp Combat Holo Sight works well in these 40 meter range engagements.

For the final attachment, we recommend the Sleight of Hand Perk to improve the reload speed of the weapon. This is one of RAAL’s worst drawbacks, as it takes about 6 seconds to reload. It’s difficult to deal with this in the middle of a battle, so increasing the reload speed will significantly improve performance.

For benefits, Double Time or Quick Fix is ​​recommended here, along with Ghost or Overkill and Amped. Depending on your playstyle, you can mix this a bit, but in most cases there are certain perks to avoid. If you use the same equipment recommended above, all settings will be completed regardless of the build.

Editor’s recommendations The best RAAL loadout in Call of Duty: Warzone

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