The best Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade comes to mind: Baby Yoda, Boss Baby, Goku and more

Hi, it’s me, a very confused non-American, from a land far away in Australia writes: Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was held And it featured some very scary, very big, balloon versions of some of your favorite characters.

I decided to collect some of them here for you to check out.

Let’s start with …

Baby Yoda / Grogu

This is Baby Yoda. A huge and scary baby yoda.

Alexiro Zenfeld / Getty Images

This is a scary, giant baby yoda Mandalorian.. (We call him Baby Yoda, because everyone calls him. Grogu is like the nickname you make when you were a kid, and you make your own nickname. No one uses it because it can’t be done.)

There is also a video of him drifting down the street intimidatingly.

Boss baby

Getty Images-1355521145

Get the real Boss Baby atmosphere from now on.

Alexiro Zenfeld / Getty Images

The image above bothers me in my dreams. Jesus cried.

This is a better image of this fully weaponized Boss Baby scale.

Getty Images-1355538175

“Boss Baby … Boss Baby … Boss Baby …”

John Rampulse Ski / Getty Images

And finally, there’s a crowd of unconscious chanting here to defeat the horror, Boss Baby … Boss Baby … Boss Baby …

I think I now understand Macy’s Thanksgiving.


Getty Images-1355540567

I love this shot. A huge Goku looking around the corner.

John Rampulse Ski / Getty Images

Goku! Everyone, there is a huge Goku here!Maybe Netflix Next year will be solid A huge Luffy floats in time for Netflix’s live-action show.. It will dominate.

Apparently this is his third appearance in the parade?

Sonic the hedgehog


My spicy take is a recent sonic movie that was actually dominated.

John Rampulse Ski / Getty Images

I’m posting this because my son asked me every day how long it would take for Sonic 2 (yes in the movie) to come out.

This is Sonic on the move …

It’s absolutely hilarious to see these things floating in the sky. If I lived in America, I would go to the 100% Macy’s Parade.

Pikachu & Eevee

Getty Images-1355518655

Pikachu is a regular.

Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

What I didn’t know until I wrote this article: Pikachu is a regular at Macy’s Thanksgiving. Did he appear fourth most? wild.

This time, I will bring my fellow Pokemon Eevee and board it.


Getty Images-1355537735

Hey, that guy’s sponge pants Square Bob.

John Rampulse Ski / Getty Images

Fisheye lens SpongeBob?

Fisheye lens sponge bob.

Well, I think we’ll end this nightmare here. Thank you for reading and sharing the horror. The best Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade comes to mind: Baby Yoda, Boss Baby, Goku and more

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