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For decades, quality education was limited to in-store classrooms with blackboards and desks. As a result, many students around the world will miss out on first-class education. But today, students of all ages, locations and experiences have far more options to learn things at their own time at their own pace, thanks to the online teaching mode.

Online certifications and courses are already booming, and pandemics have only accelerated this growth. Both students and teachers were trapped in the house, so the only way to move forward was to host an online class. Last year, even legacy universities and institutions switched to online teaching.

upGrad provides online education to motivated students around the world. Our academic partners include leading universities, and industry partners are leaders in their respective business areas. In addition, upGrad follows educational laws that promote one-on-one learning and 360-degree career support. To stay true to that spirit, upGrad presents you with the best IIM courses available online.

Human resource management and analytics and data science are two important areas of business management. Both domains are one of the student favorites for choosing an MBA or PGDM course. If you’re curious about how Human Resources Analytics can help you hire a company, or how Data Science can help you make business decisions, check out these two courses offered by IIM Kozhikode in collaboration with upGrad. please.

Data science professional qualification program for business decision making

In every business, executives need to make a variety of important decisions. These decisions span a variety of functions, from finance to marketing and recruitment to sales. For a long time, companies used their intuition and intuition to reach decision making. This approach was by no means error-free, with occasional results, but never certain.

Today, businesses are free to use all kinds of data, from customer information to traditional sales data to financial trends. This set of data holds relevant insights that help businesses make better decisions. However, this data is poorly structured and difficult to process. That’s where data science comes in to help you make business decisions.

Common applications in data science in business include pattern recognition, predictive analytics, anomaly detection, classification, classification, sentiment analysis, and fraud detection. Data science is also being applied to the development of personalized recommender systems, self-driving cars, and conversational AI tools. Broadly speaking, the main applications of data science in business that help business decisions are:

  • Fraud detection
  • crisis management
  • Customer and market analysis
  • Stock trading
  • Personalized advertising
  • Website personalization
  • Customer experience
  • Logistics and supply chain management
  • Natural language processing
  • Image recognition
  • voice recognition
  • Medical diagnosis etc.

With these widespread applications, there is a constant demand for data professionals in today’s business.Basic course Data science for business decision makingIs collaborated with IIM Kozhikode to help next-generation managers embark on their data science journey without any prior knowledge or experience in coding.

The Indian Institute of Management, Calicut, is one of the most popular business schools in India. Ranked 6th in the NIRF India Rankings for Management in 2020, IIM K is a trendsetter in management-related research and education. upGrad offers you the opportunity to become a graduate of such a prestigious institution while learning the skills you need to skyrocket your data science career.

upGrad offers a number of other data science courses and certifications, primarily with working professionals and young managers, especially non-technical backgrounds, aiming for higher scale-ups in the career ladder. Designed for people. This course provides the foundations that learners need to move to managerial positions and assists businesses in effective decision making. Therefore, whether you are a manager or an aspiring manager, you can enroll in this course and join the IIMK student network. Even business leaders can enroll in this course to dig deeper into the nuances of the latest data science technologies for efficient team management and decision making.

This 8-month course is completely online and will help you improve your skills without disturbing your professional or personal life. You will have the opportunity to communicate and collaborate with industry experts and world-class faculty. This course aims to give learners the following skills:

  • Business problem solving and storytelling
  • Statistics and machine learning
  • Data science strategy
  • Capstone project
  • Python / R / Advanced Excel

This course is taught primarily in Tableau and Advanced Excel, but R and Python are also used as needed. In the latter case, the student will be provided with the entire code base, which will be clearly explained. This makes it easy for non-technical people to understand the concept. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to provide dedicated career support, industry support, and collaboration with like-minded data enthusiasts.

Upon completion of the course, you will be awarded a professional certificate from IIMK in Data Science for Business Decision Making. By the end of the course, you will be working on four real projects, including the Capstone project. He has also used Tableau, Excel, and Python to create future-proof data science strategies. The course includes a total of over 20 live learning sessions, over 200 hours of learning content, and over 5 expert coaching sessions. You are also eligible for 360-degree career support in the form of resumes, mock interviews, and employment support.

To qualify for the course, you must have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 50% mark (40% for female learners). At least one year of work experience is also required. In addition, you need to be studying math in high school or after graduation / graduation.

Professional qualification program for personnel management and analysis

Human resource management is another area of ​​business that has benefited significantly from including analytics in the process. HRM includes everything about the company’s workforce, including compensation, personnel, job titles, duties, locations, diversity, inclusion, training and development. Performing all these tasks manually has always been difficult for organizations around the world. That’s where analytics comes in.

All analytical figures are collected from a variety of sources, including ATS (Applicant Tracking System), employee surveys, human capital management, personnel information systems, and human resource management systems. Just as marketers and executives use insights from data to change marketing strategies and business decisions, HR professionals can use analytics to:

  • Understand the workforce
  • Create an efficient deployment strategy
  • Develop effective learning methodologies
  • Maintaining employee involvement and happiness
  • Predict future forecasts for company talent

HR Analytics is especially needed for large companies with thousands of employees scattered across different locations. With HR Analytics, companies were able to monitor employee performance and engagement to build a more productive and satisfying workforce.

upGrad has partnered with IIM Calicut, Professional qualification program for personnel management and analysis Helps you start your journey with HR Analytics. This course is aimed at individuals who want to build a long-term career in the HR domain, designed for mid-to-advanced managers, master’s graduates, and professionals looking to build practical knowledge and skills. An attractive and rigorous 5-month online program. Establish a professional network and accelerate their careers.

This course is extended for 5 months and a 6 hour weekly investment is recommended. This course is taught by key IIM K faculty members and helps to understand all the key concepts of HR along with qualitative analysis to understand the results and trends from HRM data. This course is offered in both synchronous and asynchronous ways, making it easier and more flexible for working professionals.

The course curriculum consists of the following core modules:

  • Overview of HR Analytics
  • HR benchmark practice
  • Workforce planning and talent analysis
  • Acquisition of human resources
  • Culture fit
  • Build an effective team
  • Employee wellness etc.

The HR Analytics course follows a case study-based approach to provide over 120 hours of learning content. This approach allows students to dig deeper into the application of techniques learned throughout the course. To qualify for the course, you must have a bachelor’s degree with two years of work experience or a master’s degree with no work experience.

Embark on your professional journey with IIM and upGrad!

The days that hinder your personal and professional life for a quality education are gone. If you are motivated, you can learn today while working and fulfilling all your obligations. With upGrad, you have the opportunity to study under the competent guidance of leading faculty and industry professionals. You will also get a strong peer group to support you throughout the course (and after the course). Needless to say, upGrad’s 360-degree career support covers everything from resume creation to mock interviews.

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Do these online courses qualify me for work?

Undoubtedly, upGrad’s online courses are offered in collaboration with both academic and industry professionals and qualify for high-paying jobs in areas of interest.

What are the courses offered by IIM Calicut in collaboration with upGrad?

IIM K and upGrad have worked together to develop two courses for aspiring managers. 1.Data Science Professional Certificate Program for Business Decision 2. HR Management and Analysis Professional Certificate Program

What is the learning mode of the course offered by IIMK in collaboration with upGrad?

Both of these courses are essentially completely online. For more information on the time promise required to successfully complete a course, please visit the course page.

Prepare for a future career The best IIM course available online [Specially Curated]

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