The best Google Pixel Fold cases you can buy right now

Google Pixel Fold Case Features: colour: obsidian, hazel, bay | material: Polycarbonate, silicone, microfiber

To accompany the phone itself, Google Unique Weighing in at 34.3 grams, it comes in a sleek black case with green accents. Google calls Hazel pretty close to being a perfect compliment to the Obsidian phone. Additionally, there is a subtle beige porcelain. Paired with a porcelain phone, you get a minimalist, monochromatic aesthetic. Finally, the beautiful baby blue that Google named her Sky will add a pop of color to any model.

The case lines both screens and maintains flexibility as the phone folds and unfolds. A perfectly fitted case to protect the phone’s more square-defined borders and vertical hinge , durable to protect against those clumsy moments when gravity wins. Lined with microfiber on the inside, the case is ready to absorb shocks, yet feels soft and slim with a silicone and polycarbonate shell. Additionally, the case opening along the phone’s hinge suggests compatibility with both sides of the phone.

You may have to wait for a call, but these cases will be available starting Wednesday, May 10th for $60.

again: Is this the best Pixel Fold case so far? It’s Google’s own

https://www.zdnet.com/article/best-google-pixel-fold-case/#ftag=RSSbaffb68 The best Google Pixel Fold cases you can buy right now

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