The art of aerial photography at the 2021 Drone Photography Awards

The Drone Photo Awards are in their fourth year and soon became one of the most spectacular aerial photography contests on the calendar. This year’s winners take the art of drone photography to the forefront, from the incredible close-ups of polar bears taking a nap to the mind-boggling surreal glances of erupting volcanoes.

The contest spans seven categories representing all ordinary suspects, including people, nature, wildlife, and abstraction. All types of aerial photography can be entered into the contest, including shots from aircraft and balloons.

This year’s photo. Pink-footed goose to meet in winter..Levanger, Norway

Terje Kolaas

This year’s overall winner went to Terje Kolaas for an impressive immersive shot of the pink-footed goose moving to an Arctic breeding ground. The unique nature of photographs taken from a perspective that can only be taken with a drone underscores the increasingly experimental tendency of drone photography.

Many of this year’s award-winning works and award-winning images utilize the familiar overhead “God’s Eye” view, but many shots suggest a new and intriguing perspective. For example, an extraordinary shot of a sleeping polar bear, Marting Legus, shows how drones and remote cameras can help capture images of animals from unprecedented angles.

Awards-Wildlife. sleeping Beauty.Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
Awards-Wildlife. sleeping Beauty..Churchill, Manitoba, Canada

Martin Gregas

“Working closely with bears and getting them accustomed to our behavior meant that by day five we were well on our way to recording some really unique behaviors,” Gregas said. Explains. “At this point, we were able to learn more about the character of the 27 bears. In return, they welcomed us into their lives and let us shoot 24 hours a day. Capturing the most intimate footage. Use drones, remote cameras, and custom gear to do this. “

Awards-Urban. Dusk at Rohingya refugee camp.Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh
Awards-Urban. Dusk at Rohingya refugee camp.Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

Azimu Khan Ronnie

Another new trend in this year’s striking batch of entries is the growing tendency of drone photographers to address journalism and political topics. A perfect example is the profound shot of Azim Khan Ronnie in the Rohingya refugee camp.

The camp, called Cox’s Bazar, is located on the border between Myanmar and Bangladesh and is home to more than one million refugees. Incredible night drone shots show how makeshift camps have grown into smaller cities.

First place
1st place-Nature. Extragalactic..Iceland

Martin Sanchez

Other highlights of this year’s award-winning collection are an interesting view of a small poodle-shaped forest, a spectacular glimpse of bubbling lava in an Icelandic volcano, and a spectacular shot of lightning over the Adriatic Sea. It is included.

Check out the gallery for highlights of this year’s contest.

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