The Apple Watch Series 7 rumors were wrong, and I’m glad

“Reliefs whose scope is almost tidal will wash me away with great waves,” wrote Bret Easton Ellis. American Psycho, And that’s Jeff Williams Apple Watch Series 7..

Why? The rumored flat-side redesign of the Apple Watch has worried me to the point where I wrote quite a lot. Of the cathartic words about it.. So showing only the slightly modified models on the screen during the California streaming event and not the slab-like horror featured in the previously leaked renders made my ideal scenario a reality. That’s what I did. This means that the Apple Watch Series 7 still has one of its predecessor’s main strengths, all-day wearability.

Why are you worried?

Prior to the Apple event on September 14, the iPad Pro, iPhone 12, and now with a flat-sided design similar to the iPhone 13 series, some sets of rendered images that would indicate the Apple Watch Series 7 Caused my concern. The flat sides look great on phones, where you can use a case to hide the frustration of ergonomic sharp edges, but not on watches. Watches are always in touch with our bodies, so they are even more intimate and comfortable than smartphones.

John Prosser

Before launch, I sought to see the positive side by relying on Apple’s excellent wearable feel and experience with other square watches like TAG Heuer Monaco. Casio G-Shock GW-B5600, And that Bell & Ross BR-03.. All of these have sharper edges and flat sides than a round watch, and while I can still sit comfortably on my wrist, there is no doubt that these are not suitable for everyone. .. The smartwatch should have a much more friendly fit.

The redesign keeps the product fresh, Apple Watch Series 6As with all previous models, the shape is professionally determined so it’s easy to wear all day long without getting tired. It’s not bothersome, sweaty and itchy, and it’s lightweight and slim enough to be worn under the cuffs of a shirt or overnight. Apple has never stumbled upon this by accident. As we know, coming up with the Apple Watch required extensive research and development, as well as Sir Jony Ive’s design expertise.

The smartwatch should have a much more friendly fit.

The shift from the future of Series 7 to the edgy one is, in every sense of the word, a form of excitement for jazz. Brave..

Best result

Obviously, the flat-side design wasn’t part of the Apple Watch Series 7. Instead, Apple has subtly changed the look of the Watch with a larger screen, more curves, and a slight increase in case size. If you look at the pictures in Series 7, you can see that the shape of the profile on the side is very similar to Series 6. This indicates that Apple hasn’t announced the dimensions and weight of these newer versions of the case, but they should be worn in exactly the same way. Still a direct comparison.

You may be wondering why this is important, especially if you are looking at it first Smart watch.. To understand, you need to look at the best features primarily related to health and fitness on your Apple Watch. Series 7 can recognize if you’ve fallen during a workout or while cycling, and has a fall detection feature in normal use. that too. The sensor array allows you to monitor your breathing rate at night, irregular heart rate alerts throughout the day, read background blood oxygen levels, close the activity ring and see if you washed your hands for 20 seconds. Contains the usual recommendations for doing so. ..

Nike edition of Apple Watch Series 7.
Apple Watch Series 7 Nike

Apple’s health and fitness features are comprehensive, easy to use and reliable, but you Wearing a watch.. I don’t know if the bike is still on the charger at home or if it has fallen off the bike. The first step in wearing an Apple Watch or other smartwatch every day to enjoy all the benefits is to be comfortable. If you stop wearing your smartwatch, it’s completely useless.

If you stop wearing your smartwatch, it’s completely useless.

With Apple knowing this, it’s unlikely that Apple’s design-related decisions will sneak into the “brave” realm. The only changes we may see are those made to promote long-term use. That’s why I’m glad that the rumored design change was wrong. The Apple Watch is successful because you can wear it and forget it until you actually need it. Being able to recommend a smartwatch is an important aspect of us, and at first glance it looks like we’re continuing with Series 7.

The future of the flat side?

And where did the flat-side Apple Watch rumors come from? You probably don’t know, but there are several possibilities. Getting us all off the road could have been a strategic leak, it could have come from someone’s imagination, or it could be based on the abandoned true Apple concept. Or, that’s why your worries aren’t completely resolved. It could be an Apple Watch Series 8 or Series 9 plan.

The one-sided Apple Watch doesn’t make much sense to me, but I still have the persistent question that Apple disagrees.

Brought by Apple iPad Mini Return to your family with the updated flat side design and show how much you like the uniform style. The one-sided Apple Watch doesn’t make much sense to me, but I still have the persistent question that Apple disagrees. Whether rendering will come back like a Specter next year or next year, the actual product remains unseen.

Now I’ve removed everything from my chest and all my worries about the near future of the Apple Watch are gone. We look forward to understanding how the introduced design changes will make Series 7 feel in everyday use. Unfortunately, most of the Series 7 rumors were false, but what proved to be true was, after all, about production delays, and there was a longer waiting time than usual before I knew it.

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