The Amazing Three Wonders of Technology Advancements in Gaming

Gaming has gone a long way since the 1980s, but recent technological breakthroughs have made the future of gaming even more promising. Playing games is very popular and nowadays people of all ages are playing video games because they are fun, addicting and they help pass the time, there are even games out there that are tailored to the people that are ages 60+ and depending where you play these games, you could have the potential chance to win some money, if that excites you then a gaming platform like UKOCL sounds perfect for you. However, in this article we will be discussing the best gaming technology advances that the world has seen.

Face and Voice Detection, 3D Scanning

Using face recognition and 3D scanning, you can create a virtual character in the video game. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to use a photo of yourself or build an entirely new digital identity using the game available options.

On some games and smart application, you can use your voice to command the action, for example if you speak to your computer it will load up and search whatever you say. For gaming consoles, if you say for example “Xbox turn off” the device will turn itself off.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Playing games in a virtual reality environment allows you to feel as if you’re really in the game.  Using a virtual reality headset, the user may explore the simulated area, it might take some time to return to reality after immersing yourself in the game. You can do things you’ve never done before using virtual reality technology.

AR games might also be a great alternative for students, gamers will be able to see in all directions while using a PC or smartphone with these new virtual reality headsets. Virtual reality (VR) games change real-world space and adjust the game’s object to occurrences in the real world.

Apps for Wearable and Mobile Gaming

Wearable gaming, such as smart glasses or smartwatches, allows you to play your game whether or not you have a smartphone nearby. In order to reach a far larger audience, the technology behind wearable applications is constantly improving. Fitness apps on wearable technology have been developed by most firms in order to be accessible to consumers at all times, even if they are not using their mobile devices.

Gaming technology is now within the reach of the general public, you can take your gaming with you everywhere you go with mobile gaming. You can play both online and offline games with your smartphone and there are hundreds of thousands of games accessible for a wide range of mobile devices.

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