The Air Force first activates that kind of wing for the spectrum

Washington — The Air Force officially launched a new wing of this kind on June 25, with the aim of increasing the importance of electromagnetic spectrum.

350th Spectrum Warfare Wing, I’ve been working for over a yearAccording to the release, on June 25, the Air Combat Command designated the start of work. The group hopes to enable, equip and optimize EMS functionality in the field with the aim of providing a sustainable and competitive advantage in the non-physical realm. This wing also provides maintenance, operational, and technical expertise for electronic warfare support.

Tsubasa is headquartered at Eglin Air Force Base and has been chosen as a permanent location. Report to the Air Force Combat Center for operational testing and evaluation, tactical development, and advanced training.

In recent years, adversaries have focused on how the U.S. military relies on the spectrum and are trying to confuse the U.S. military by adopting high-tech techniques that block access, sabotage, or spoofing communications.

“Electromagnetic spectrum competition is more important than ever. The joint forces are connected by EMS and provide effects within and through EMS,” said Colonel William Young, commander of the 350th Spectrum War Wing. Says. “If you lose the battle in EMS, you lose the battle in all other domains. We are here to prevent it from happening. Launching this unit is a joint effort. It emphasizes the Air Force’s efforts to integrate and modernize the entire enterprise so that combat aircraft can freely attack, maneuver and protect at the time, place and parameters we choose. “

This wing is the result of a year-long study launched by the Air Force in 2018 to investigate service approaches to the electromagnetic spectrum.

Maj. Gen. Case Cunningham, commander of the Air Force Combat Center, said: “Putting this important mission under the Air Force commander dedicated to this mission set is the basis for accelerating the necessary changes and allowing our fighters to continue to fight and win in EMS. . “

Wing activation is also one piece Larger multifaceted approach The Air Force is taking steps to reinvigorate operations within the electromagnetic territory in order to gain an edge over the enemy. Other methods include reorganizing headquarters staff and modernizing legacy equipment.

Mark Pomerleau is a C4ISRNET reporter covering information warfare and cyberspace.

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