The 750 hp BMW Concept XM previews the M-only plug-in hybrid SUV coming in 2022

Let’s start the dispute.


A lot of controversy BMW Designed for the last few decades.The brand invented the X6, an electrified crossover coupe genre in essence. i3 When i8 It looked like a sci-fi prop, and of course, modern models like have a huge grille. 4 series When M3.. But at Art Basel in Miami on Monday, BMW revealed what is likely to be the most controversial car to date: Concept XM.

This massive SUV previews next year’s production model, which will be BMW’s second stand-alone M-only vehicle in history. M1 supercar It made its debut in 1978. It’s essentially a “coupe” version of the X7, and the XM is only available in the M brand’s first plug-in hybrid powertrain. Some speculate that this model might be called the X8, but BMW states that the XM is the final name worn by mass-produced cars. BMW has an informal agreement with Citroën and the application is different.

The XM is basically a “coupe” version of the X7.


Before we get into the absolutely wild styling, let’s talk about the powertrain. The Concept XM uses the same twin-turbo 4.4 liter V8 engine as other M models such as the M5 and M5. X5 M, But it is equipped with a powerful electric motor and a battery pack of unknown size. The total output is 750 horsepower, 737 lb-ft torque, 133 hp, 184 lb-ft. X6M competition, And BMW is aiming for an EV range of 30 miles in the EPA cycle. These are not just concept numbers. This is exactly the powertrain used by XM and is not offered in non-hybrid setups.

As amazing as the sound of a powertrain, what everyone really talks about is the styling of the XM. The XM is based on a huge three-row X7, but with a roofline Lamborghini Urus There are only two rows of seats. The rear hatch is still quite upright, so it’s not necessarily a coupe, but it certainly has a sporty, smooth profile and more interesting proportions. The wheels are 23 inches for a bit of scale, but they still look a bit smaller when viewed from a certain angle. There aren’t many tumblehomes to the greenhouse, but flare fenders make XM look lower and wider.

The interior looks ready for production.


The upper half of the Concept XM is painted in matt light gold and the lower half is painted in space gray, with a black band on the side of the car that flows into the window trim to help separate the colors. The black band also houses the door handles and has plenty of carbon fiber trim to cover elements such as the lower bumper and fender flares. The side surfing is all pretty wild and the wheel arches have a Countach-like shape, but the self-leveling wheel center cap has the traditional roundness of BMW written in 3D block letters before the smallest version of the BMW propeller logo. I’m throwing it away.

The XM debuts the new face of BMW, which will be featured in most upcoming models, and in a good way reminds us of angry dinosaurs. The headlights are split into two modules, an ultra-thin LED running light high on the front end and a main headlight hidden behind colored glass on the low bumper. Especially impressive when the main light is off is the pretty cool look, and the front license plate is also surrounded behind the glass. The XM Kidney Grill is huge, but I think it actually works. The kidney contours are illuminated, there are horizontal slats like the M3 and M4, and the XM also has a dual power dome style hood.

The rear glass is shaped like the rear end of the M1.


When you move to the rear end of XM, things really get wild. Perhaps the most controversial design element is the flash rear glass, which is shaped like the rear edge of the M1 and has a pair of BMW logos etched into the glass itself to reflect the placement of the M1’s Roundel. The shape of the glass also determines the surface of the roof. The thin taillights extend to the rear quarter panel and are clearly visible from the side. The hatch XM badge matches the angle of the light. With a pair of hexagonal exhaust chips stacked vertically on either side of the diffuser, the Production XM has the same design.

If you like colliding patterns and textiles, you’ll love the Concept XM’s interior. Almost all the surface of the front half of the cabin is covered with distressed vintage-looking brown leather, while the carved rear bench seats are a combination of teal-colored leather called petrol and quilted velvet. The dashboard and center console feature textured carbon fiber trim woven with copper threads and have plenty of aluminum accents. I really like the cockpit vents built into the doors. The central vent is shaped like the M brand slash logo and has a temperature control inside the center unit.

However, it doesn’t work in the backseat of teal velvet.


Like recent BMW models like i4 When iXThe XM features a curved display over a dash that includes a digital gauge cluster and a central touch screen. The infotainment system has new M-specific designs and features that will be found in other production models, and apart from the seats, the cabin design is generally not very wide. One of the coolest features is the headliner. Instead of a large panoramic glass roof, the Concept XM has a geometric 3D headliner with integrated ambient lighting.

Obviously, there are a lot of concept car flippers, but what you see here is very close to what the Production XM looks like-think about 90% there. Don’t expect the two-tone paint to remain. Some of the surface finishes and details are toned down a bit, but otherwise almost all design elements should be in production, including the stunning rear glass. And (again, apart from the seats) the interior design should be pretty much the same as the concept, but BMW sadly confirmed that it couldn’t buy teal velvet.

Production of the XM will begin in late 2022 at the BMW plant in Spartanberg, South Carolina, where the X1 and all other BMW SUVs except the X2 will be manufactured. The brand doesn’t say anything about the price, but with the X7 M50i starting at $ 100,795 and the X6 M competition starting at $ 119,695, the XM expects to carry a base price close to $ 200,000. The 750 hp BMW Concept XM previews the M-only plug-in hybrid SUV coming in 2022

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