Texas empties prison to prepare for detention of migrants arrested during the execution of a surge in borders

Texas officials have emptied the prison in preparation for containing immigrants arrested as government by state soldiers. Greg Abbott Increase the presence of state law enforcement agencies at the border.

Authorities began transferring prisoners from the Dorf Brisco unit in Dilly, a small city about an hour’s drive southwest of San Antonio, to another capacity facility on Wednesday. The prison can be used as a central detention center for migrants arrested as part of Abbott’s loan operation. Star, Texas Criminal Justice spokesman Jeremy Dessel, said in a statement. He said it would be used to contain immigrants charged with state or federal crimes. It is unclear what charges these may entail, and Desel was unable to determine if it included low-level charges.

Authorities have not yet begun detention of migrants in the facility, but they have a capacity of about 1,000 people. Desel has confirmed that the facility does not have air conditioning. This is true for many prisons in the state. Weather forecasts for the region show that next week the maximum temperature will exceed 100 degrees Celsius.

“Texas continues to address the record high influx of individuals who illegally cross borders,” Desel said in a statement. “To deal with the ongoing crisis, Governor Abbott has instructed state resources to arrest and detain individuals who have illegally crossed borders and committed state or federal crimes. “

The prison plan is First reported According to Marshall Project reporter Keri Breaker.

Prison cleanup began Wednesday — the same day Abbott announced details of the Texas border wall plan, he said he would. Reallocate $ 250 million We provide funds from the TDCJ budget as a “down payment” and at the same time solicit personal donations.

“State leadership has assured government agencies that this is a temporary measure and that the funds will be re-allocated without adversely affecting the TDCJ,” Desel said.

Abbott mentioned the prison beds available at a press conference Wednesday, saying the state “may need to staff in these prison beds and other prison beds.” He said some states may send prisons and bailiffs to work with state agencies and local civil servants to meet staffing requirements.

According to Dessel, the current prison staff (a total of about 230) will continue to be staffed at the facility, with no outside staff currently enlisted. The TDCJ will work with the Wyndham School District and the University of Texas Medical Branch to provide “appropriate services” to those detained in prison, Dessel said. But he said he couldn’t give details about what those services included.

As the number of cross-border immigrants grows, President Joe Biden and Abbott have continued to publicly sparring on immigration policy. In March, Abbott launched Operation Lone Star with the National Guard to deploy “air, ground, sea, and tactical border security assets” at the border. The Republican governor declared the border situation a disaster on May 31st.Biden administration Abbott’s previous order Instruct state agencies to yank child care licenses from facilities that serve migrant children.

At his order, Abbott ordered the Texas Department of Public Safety to enforce all state and federal laws on trespassing, smuggling, and trafficking, and provided guidance to two state criminal justice committees to the county. Ordered to request a “necessary” exemption to give “necessary flexibility”. Establish an appropriate alternative detention facility. “

“The Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ), like any other state agency, is ready to support Operation Lone Star,” said Desel.

Political reporter James Barragan contributed to this article.

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