Tesla throws away radar sensors supported after a fatal accident – ​​Silicon Valley

By Danahar | Bloomberg

Five years after Tesla Inc. endorsed more use of such sensors after a fatal collision, it began running Elon Musk’s pivot away from using radar on its driver assistance system Autopilot. I am.

Electric vehicle makers announced on their website Tuesday that radar will no longer be installed on Model 3 sedans and Model Y SUVs manufactured for North America. Autopilot will now operate primarily using camera vision, with some features temporarily disabled due to the transition.

Musk called the radar sensor a “crutches.” Tesla wanted to get rid of it in its recent earnings announcement. In September 2016, CEO announced that Tesla will upgrade its autopilot by increasing its use of radar. Musk told reporters at the time that this improvement involved the Model S, which operates on an autopilot with a sensor that failed to detect the tractor trailer before a fatal crash involving a previous Navy seal. He said he believed he was able to prevent a previous crash.

Tesla’s new approach could join the controversy surrounding autopilot for years. The company said in late 2016 that all subsequent cars would eventually be equipped with the hardware needed to provide fully autonomous driving capabilities, but Tesla grabbed the customer’s handle and road. I keep telling you to look at. Automakers have been criticized for branding a set of features as “fully autonomous driving features” and charging thousands of dollars for packaging. Tesla throws away radar sensors supported after a fatal accident – ​​Silicon Valley

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