Tesla recalls 48,000 Model 3s in the US due to truck mode

According to the latest report, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has had Tesla carry out the recall again. According to a document released today, Tesla will recall approximately 48,184 Model 3 high-performance electric vehicles in the United States. A similar situation has occurred in China, with track mode involved. In this particular mode, the speed units are not displayed in the correct format.

Apparently, the recall is related to vehicles manufactured between 2018 and 2022. Tesla addresses the issue with a remote software update. According to the company, a firmware update released in December accidentally removed the speed unit from the user interface. According to NHTSA, vehicles do not meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, which can increase the risk of a collision if the driver does not know how fast he is traveling.

After China, the same problem will occur in the United States

As mentioned above, due to the same issue, Tesla had to remember the Model 3 high-performance version of 14,684 in China today. This includes 1,850 imported cars and 12,834 domestic cars. It’s worth noting that this is just another case of a recall involving Tesla. The company had to make multiple recalls under pressure from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Interestingly, the company also needed to change the behavior of the vehicle. The so-called weird boombox feature has been disabled due to NHTSA concerns with improper use. Notably, today Tesla has also individually recalled the Model X manufactured in 2022. Obviously, the vehicle had no brackets attached to the second row of seats.

Tesla model 3
Tesla model 3

NHTSA also states that Tesla has issued a total of 10 recalls this year covering approximately 2.1 million vehicles. This is when we are still in April. I would like to know how large this number will be by the end of 2022. NHTSA certainly doesn’t leave Tesla alone for a day. The company is also making significant changes to its automotive segment in the United States and other countries. With the recent surge in the electric vehicle segment, many traditional companies such as GM and Ford are stepping up their efforts to expand their electric vehicle portfolio in the United States.

Elon Musk has recently appeared in the headlines thanks to Twitter and Tesla. The company has made an impressive revival in China after a new blockade. Thanks to the Chinese market, it was able to make even more profits. Therefore, the company is partially funding the acquisition of social media by Elon Musk. Tesla recalls 48,000 Model 3s in the US due to truck mode

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