Tesla is replacing a broken Autumn camera on some models S, X and three cars

Robotics skills will install the Tesla Model 3 front seats at the Tesla plant in Fremont, California, on Thursday, July 26, 2018.

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Tesla is replacing at least hundreds of Model S, X, and 3 vehicle front fender repeater cameras manufactured in Fremont, California, according to an in-house service document distributed in late November, but it’s still voluntary. Collection has not started.

According to internal communications, some Tesla Model S, X, and 3 vehicle repeater cameras from the United States have a defective PCB or printed circuit board inside. Bad PCBs can fail before cameras lose “electrical continuity” and it is reasonably expected that they will need to be upgraded or replaced.

Repeater cameras, located under and shortly before the side mirrors on the front fenders of some Tesla vehicles, enable driver assistance features such as autopilot, navigating with autopilot, and smart summons. The driver can also see what is happening around the blind spot of the car.

If the repeater camera isn’t working, the driver will typically see a black box or choppy video feed on Tesla’s main display and may be alerted that the autopilot feature is limited. Drive Tesla, a Canadian blog for Tesla owners and enthusiasts, writes about the December 2020 repeater camera issue.

Because Tesla has identified a PCB problem with repeater cameras, the owner of the affected vehicle may be eligible for “goodwill” repairs, according to current Tesla sales managers and former parts managers. Goodwill repairs are done at the company’s dime, as opposed to customer-paid repairs or warranty contracts that require Tesla to provide repairs.

A former parts manager said internal service notifications may precede voluntary recalls. However, this person says that these notices usually only allow service employees to provide goodwill repairs to customers who complain about having to pay to replace parts. I did.

Current employees are not allowed to speak on behalf of the company, so they asked not to leave their names, and former employees asked for anonymity because of privacy concerns.

Tesla recently launched a voluntary collection of thousands of Model Y crossover utility vehicles manufactured in China and the United States. This is because suspension parts are fragile and, according to the announcements of both countries, there is an increased risk of collision.

Recalls for Model Y Suspension Knuckles in China and the United States have been announced by the China Market Regulatory Authority and the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Authority. These affected an estimated 21,599 vehicles in China and 826 vehicles in the United States.

Tesla did not immediately respond to the request for comment. Tesla is replacing a broken Autumn camera on some models S, X and three cars

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