Tesla has released the latest “Full Self Driving” beta after Tesla complained about false crash warnings and other bugs.

Tesla’s decision to test “full self-driving” advanced driver assistance software with untrained vehicle owners on public roads is compelling. Scrutiny When Criticism, And that was before this latest release.

Version 10.3 went live on Saturday night / Sunday morning. Long list of release notes.. This list contains changes starting with the introduction of a driver profile that allows you to switch between different characteristics such as distance tracking, rolling stops, and overtaking lane termination. It is supposed to better detect brake lights, turn signals and hazard lights from other vehicles, reduce false deceleration and improve pedestrian offset.

But Sunday afternoon, Elon Musk Tweet “We’re having some issues with 10.3, so we’ll temporarily roll back to 10.2,” Tesla said.

(As always, for clarity, this software doesn’t make Tesla’s car completely autonomous. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the software his company calls “full self-drive.” The “feature complete” version of is the best, just “probably“To drive someone from home to work without human intervention, but still needs supervision. This does not describe fully autonomous vehicles. )

Some drivers already share Video and impressions Whether or not Tesla matches what participants want participants to share on social media, Tesla in their experience with the release says the rollback update will completely remove the FSD beta feature from their cars.

Some posters said the 10.3 update introduced the Phantom Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Other issues pointed out It included an auto-steering option that disappeared, traffic-aware cruise control (TACC) issues, and occasional autopilot panic.It’s unclear how common these issues are and which one caused the rollback, but Musk responded to a tweet about the Autosteer and TACC issues. Saying that the company is working on it..

If that is a common problem within the test group, the Phantom FCW is certainly serious enough to initiate a rollback. There was a Mazda3 recall in 2019 To address the issue of smart braking systems falsely detecting objects in the path of a car. If another car approaches, a car that suddenly brakes for no reason can easily cause an accident, as some social media posts claim to have happened. Another problem for testers is Some claims False FCW incident lowered them Tesla grade “safety score” Low enough that they may not be able to stay in beta.

For anyone interested in becoming an unwilling member of a test group just by being near Tesla using ongoing software, is this a sign that the company is addressing the issue quickly? Can be an example of how dangerous it is. On the other hand, for Tesla owners who want the test to expand to include people with lower safety scores. Hacker @greentheonly Tweet, “Waiting for FSD for lower scores: Don’t. It would be scary if you drove the way the app needed, right? But the car drives even worse! All sorts of traffic and narrow roads. So seriously it’s completely unusable. The video doesn’t do it right. “ Tesla has released the latest “Full Self Driving” beta after Tesla complained about false crash warnings and other bugs.

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