Tesla drivers can now request beta testing for fully autonomous driving

It took a long time, but Tesla finally gives you some control over when (and if) you get Full self-driving beta release. Washington post I got it That Tesla has begun Deployment The FSD Beta Request button allows you to try out autonomous (actually semi-autonomous) technologies before they are released more widely. However, car makers don’t just give test codes to someone.Elon Musk I got it Tesla will “evaluate driving behavior” (sudden braking, aggressive turns, tailgates, etc.) for a week to reduce the chance of a collision.

This move could drive the adoption of full self-driving beta and help Tesla improve its system for a wider range of releases. The just-released FSD 10.1 beta (mainly bug fixes) arrived too early for that, but future software may be more sophisticated or reach the general audience sooner.

However, not everyone is thrilled with Tesla’s rapid expansion of full self-driving.Jennifer Homendi, the new leader of the National Transportation Safety Board, recently joined other critics. Blame Tesla “Irresponsible” marketing of FSD technology that can lead to dangerous misuse. She also claimed that Tesla did not respond to official recommendations for improvement. Beta requests can help Tesla reach its goals faster than before, but for widespread concerns about FSD safety and whether customers need to test semi-autonomous features on public roads. I will not deal with it.

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