Tesla AI Day 2022: How to Watch and Top 5 Predictions

Tesla AI Day is the annual event where Tesla announces all upcoming projects and showcases the latest technology. If you are considering whether to tune, you can expect:

The event is similar to annual events for other major technology companies such as: apples far out event earlier this month, Samsung’s Unpacked event Google’s annual I/O keynote. This is your chance to let the general public know what’s to come.teased musk twitter The event will include “lots of technical details and cool hardware demos.”

News about Tesla’s electric car makes up its fair share of these events, but there are always surprises when it comes to Tesla. Last year, the biggest surprise was Tesla CEO Elon’s dancing robot that accompanied him on stage in his mask. A man in a robot suit was Tesla’s ingenious way of announcing the first humanoid his robot, Optimus.

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This Tesla AI Day predicts that Tesla will likely discuss optimus, self-driving car, Tesla Cybertruckthe Dojo chip, and Robotaxi.

How to watch Tesla’s AI Day

The event will be held today Live Streaming on Tesla’s Website Starts at 6:15 PM Pacific Time.leaked event ticket indicates that Tesla is hosting an event at one of its Palo Alto, CA locations from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM PT.

Keep reading to learn about the tech you can expect to see featured tonight.

1. Optimus

Tesla Optimus specs

Image: Tesla

After all the buzz Optimus generated last year, we can expect humanoid robots to be at the forefront of this year’s event. Musk has unofficially said that at this year’s event he will be the We have confirmed that Optimus will be a topic of discussion.

So what’s the hype about Optimus? Optimus is a humanoid robot powered by Tesla’s AI, in addition to a futuristic design straight out of a sci-fi movie, that could revolutionize how people behave. It attracts attention because of its nature.

Optimus, also known as Tesla Bot, is a 5-foot-8-inch robot capable of performing human tasks such as hauling 45 pounds and deadlifting 145 pounds.

Musk said at last year’s Tesla AI Day, “It’s meant to be, of course, friendly, navigate a world built for humans, and eliminate dangerous, repetitive, and tedious tasks.

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People are still skeptical about who the target consumers for this product are, as it is likely to be a large investment for the average household. there is no. Roomba robottherefore, the release of this product would be a significant departure from current technology.

Other applications for robots are factories and service industries, which may benefit from the assistance that AI-driven robots can provide.

It’s no secret that Tesla is using Tesla AI Day to recruit talent. Musk admits that the main purpose of Tesla AI Day is recruitment.

On the Tesla bot portion of Tesla’s website, Tesla says it is looking for people to further develop Optimus. So this is further confirmation that Tesla will be talking about Optimus at the event and filling the void in his talent.

“We are looking for mechanical, electrical, controls and software engineers to help us leverage our AI expertise beyond vehicle fleets.” Tesla website.

2. Self-driving cars

Tesla Model 3 on the highway

Image: Tesla

The potential for Tesla’s self-driving cars is nothing new, but Tesla has yet to roll out self-driving cars to the public. At an energy conference in Norway last month, Musk announced plans to have Tesla’s self-driving technology ready for release by the end of the year, Reuters reports.

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Musk has demonstrated his passion for self-driving car technology, declaring: Via Twitter“Only self-driving electric cars will matter. Gasoline cars without autonomy are like riding a horse and using a flip phone. It still happens, but it’s a niche.”

There have been several new release dates each year since Musk first pitched the idea in 2016, but they all fell short. He promised Tesla autonomous driving from NYC to his LA, but that was delayed to his 2017 and then to 2018 and has yet to materialize. So you can expect another update with this event. Hopefully, we’ll have a definite date before the end of the year.

The self-driving technology promised by Tesla Existing functionality — No driver needed at all.

Tesla’s current capabilities allow the vehicle to take several autonomous actions, such as autopiloting, parking automatically, changing lanes, identifying stop signs and traffic lights, and slowing the car when approaching a traffic sign. I can. However, human direction is still required.

3. Tesla Cybertruck

Cybertruck presentation showing specs

Image: Frederick J. Brown/Getty Images

The Tesla Cybertruck isn’t exactly a new concept either. First introduced he is in 2019. Since its initial announcement, the Cybertruck production date has been pushed back more and more. For this reason alone, we can expect the highly anticipated Cybertruck to be the star of Tesla AI Day. however, Yesterday, Elon Musk tweeted that the vehicle could “easily” function as a boat..

With such sensational claims coming out one day before Tesla AI Day, the Cybertruck is almost certain to be the talk of the event.

Electric pickup trucks have a unique, geometric design unlike anything you see on the road today.of Tesla website The truck claims to offer “more performance than a sports car and greater utility than a truck.”

Rendering of a Cybertruck on the road

Image: Tesla

After test-driving the truck in January, Musk teased the Cybertruck as “awesome.”

Today, we expect Musk to provide more details about this pickup boat truck tomorrow and when the Cybertruck will be built and shipped to the public.

4. Dojo tip

Tesla Dojo Chip Information

Image: Electric

Dojo refers to Tesla’s in-house supercomputer (AI training machine) for machine learning. “Dojo is a neural network training computer optimized for video (for autonomous driving),” Musk said. Via Twitter.

At last year’s Tesla AI Day, Tesla announced the Dojo supercomputer. However, supercomputers were still under development at that time. At this AI Day, you can expect the latest information on the development of Dojo programs.

5. Robotaxi

Musk first said robo-taxis will be on the road by the end of 2020. More than two years later, he’s still waiting for a self-driving Tesla to be unveiled to the public.

However, a few months ago, during Tesla’s Q1 2022 earnings call, the mask said: “We are aiming for mass production of . [the robotaxi] In 2024. ”

Also: Elon Musk predicts Tesla’s robo-taxis will cost less than subsidized bus tickets.

During the call, Musk also said that robo-taxis offer the cheapest type of transportation, with rides being cheaper than subsidized bus tickets.

Thanks to the recent talk about taxis, it wouldn’t be surprising to see another update for Tesla AI Day.

honorable mention

Tesla Supercharger V4

Tesla has yet to officially announce the release of its newest supercharger, the Supercharger V4. The charger is believed to surpass its predecessor, the Supercharger V3, with a charging power of at least 300 kW.

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Tesla hasn’t announced a Supercharger, but we do know what the Supercharger V4 will look like. Blueprint When construction plan A Tesla enthusiast dug up and posted on Twitter that construction plans reveal where the first site will be located.

Despite the increased output, the design of the Supercharger V4 remains essentially unchanged. The design plan revealed that it would have the same shape, the only difference being that the nozzle would be on the outside rather than inside the hollow interior where it currently sits.

We can expect Musk to announce the release and manufacturing of the Supercharger V4 as well as details on its appearance, location and performance.

New Tesla factory location

For months, there have been rumors about where Tesla’s next factory will open. In June, Tesla held an all-hands meeting with employees, and Musk said he was looking at where to build a new factory. According to Electric.

Musk also said the new location probably won’t be in the United States, with sites in Canada and Mexico also being considered. This Tesla AI Day will be the perfect time for Tesla to announce its next factory location and factory focus.

surprise announcement

As I mentioned earlier, Tesla took advantage of Tesla AI Day to drop a surprise. For example, last year he came out with a 5 foot, 8 inch human “robot”. So it wouldn’t be a surprise if Tesla went rogue from the ones on this list and dropped something completely unexpected this year. 6 HOURS LIVE If he doesn’t want to sit in the stream and find out, don’t worry. We do a roundup for each Tesla update.

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